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Compact rod, Bamboo stick rod. Pen rod with matching spinning reel.

Bamboo stick rod and Pen rod -ext length of 1.3m/4.3ft..
Pen rod fits into a shirt pocket.
Osprey bamboo stick rod and pen rod is not a gimmick rod , it is designed to handle medium size fish.
Bamboo stick shape rod. Compact telescopic fishing  enclosed a look alike bamboo stick.
Bambo tube rod

Compact Pen rod  with a carbon graphite casing . Pen rod closed length a short 7.8in/20cm

Model :RTF215-130: A faster taper compact fishing rod with a bamboo stick casing. Ext length 4.3ft. Super compact length, Closed length: 215mm/8.5in.
Bamboo stick compact rod with matching spinning reels.
Look alike Bamboo stick rod is designed to suit in a trouser /short pockets. Bamboo stick rod uses a Epoxy glass rod blank to achieve a high reflect action, with a durability to handle a tough fighting fish.

Pen rod model RF5-132x8.
Pen rod blank: Im6 graphite
Action: 6-8lbs. Medium light action.
Pen rod: Ext length: 4.3ft/1.3m
Pen rod close length: 20cm/7.8in

Matching reels for pen rod and bamboo tube rod. 

Rear drag spinning reel make to suit  pen rod and bamboo stick rod
MODEL: MX15PA --premium model
Alu spool, flick action alu handle.+PVC knob
Spool capacity mm/mtr lb/yd
0.12mm/100m, 0.15/80mm 2lb/140, 4lb/70yd

mini casting reel for pen rod
Casting reel for pen rod and bamboo stick rod 
Reel: capacity: 80yd on 5lb line 0.18mm/60m,0.20mm/55m.0.25mm/40m
 With drag control and casting brake.
 Frame: gold passivated plating


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Front drag spinning reel make to suit  pen rod and Bamboo stick rod.  
Code for reel:RTF100A3
 Gear ratio:5:1
 Capacity: 0.15/190m, 0.18/145, 0.20/110   
     4lb/188yd,  5/150yd, 6/120yd


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