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Wobblers finished with a transulcent color tone finish.
Budget price wobbler from 2-8in

budget price wobbler -1budget price wobbler -color  
Wobbler LHL01
Length:7.5cm/3.0in Wt:7.7g/0.3oz. Hooks-2 x treble #6
 Surface floater, down  to 1mtr below surface

LHL05 budget price wobbler
LHL05 wobbler color
Wobbler LHL05
Length:8.0cm/3.2in Wt:11g/0.4oz.Hooks:2 x treble #6
  Surface floater, down to 1.5mtr below surface

Surface floater budget price wobbler
budget wobbler hl14 color
Wobbler LHL14

Length:6.5cm/2.6in Wt:9.0g/0.3oz.Hooks:2 x treble #6
 Surface floater:down to 1mtr below surface

 LHL21 budget price wobblerLHL21 budget price wobbler hl21
9.2cm/3.6in Wt:5.6g/0.2oz. Hooks: 2 x treble #6
 Floater-Dive down  to 1~1.5mtr below surface

budget wobbler wobbler color
8.9cm/3.5in Wt:6.0g/0.21oz, Hooks: 2 x treble #6
Float just below surface, wobbler down  to 1.5mtr
budget price wobbler hl03
budget wobbler color 

#LHL03:Length : 6.0cm/2.4in Wt:6.0g/0.2oz   
Length : 8.0cm/3.2in Wt:6.0g/0.35oz
 Hooks: 2 x treble #6
 Dive down 1.0-1.5 mtr below surface

 LHL09 budget price wobbler
Wobbler LHL09
Length : 7.5cm/3.0in Wt:11.0g/0.40oz
 Hooks: 2 x treble #6
 Surface floater, Down to 1.0~1.5mtr below surface

LHL15 budget price wobbler
Wobbler LHL15
9.2cm/3.6in Wt:12.0g/0.43oz Hooks:2x treble #6
 Floater down  to 1.5~2mtr below surface

 budget price wobbler hl22budget price wobbler color hl22
8.7cm/3.1in Wt:10.7g/0.4oz. Hooks:2 x treble #6
Suspense just below surface,dive down to 1~1.5mtr

Electronic wobbler - click this link
 budget price wobbler LHL08
budget wobbler LHL08
Wobbler LHL08
Length : 4.5cm/1.8in Wt:4.5g/0.2oz
 Hooks: 2 x treble #8
 Surface floater, down to 0.5mtr below surface

 budget price wobbler hl11
budget wobbler color hl12

Length:10.8cm/4.3in Wt:13.5g/0.5oz
 Swim action: Wobbler down 1.0-1.5 mtr
 LHL12:Length:12.8cm/5.0in Wt:8.3g/0.30oz
 Hooks: 2 x treble #6.
 Surface floater: Diver down to 2mtr 

budget price wobbler hl15
budget wobblr color hl15
Wobbler LHL15

6.0cm/.4in Wt:4.5g/0.2oz.Hooks:2 x treble #6
 Surface Floater,down to 0.5mtr below surface


:10.2cm/4.0in Wt:9.2g/0.3oz
  Wobbler down 1.0-1.5 mtr
LHL18:15.0cm/5.9in Wt:18g0.65oz.Hook:2xtreble #6.
 Swim action: Diver down to 2mtr 

wobbler budget model
7.5cm/3.0in Wt:6.5g/0.23oz Hooks:2 x treble #6
 Surface floater. dive down to 0.5-1mtr below surface

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