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Osprey multiplier reel or boat Casting reel:
Multiplier reel with star drag.

Multiplier casting reel with line  winder.
Multiplier reel with either left or right hand handle.
Optional stainless BB for Multiplier reel available
Multiplier reel with corrosion resistance components.

Multiplier Casting reels-Pg 2 
Osprey Multiplier reel. Boat baitcasting reel from #1 to 6.

3BB  Multiplier reel
Size Gear ratio

Spool capacity

( size 20)
3.2:1 0.18/200,
6lb/150,  8lb/100yd

Mini Multiplier reel RCWM25- with line winder
Size Gear ratio Spool capacity
RCL25/RCWM25 3.2:1 0.3/90m  8lb/110yd

with line winder
Dimensional difference
between the  RCL20 and the RCWM25
code                          RCL20         RCWM25
Dia:                           40mm         45mm
length of spool            49mm         51mm
line winder               No                 YES

1 anti reverse bearing.-- instant stop. color options: red/gunsmoke/ blue/ black/champagne/ silver/gold/.
Overall dim: 40mm dia x 50mm long (1.6in dia x 2in)

Baitcasting Multiplier  reel  3BB

Dual Centrifugal and Mechanical brake
Right hand

Spool Capacity lb/yd

RCL30A 10lb/120yd,  0.30mm/110m
RCL40A 12lb/200yd, 16lb/180yd,
0.35mm/180m, 0.40mm/140m
RCL50A 16lb/200yd, 20lb/160yd,
0.35mm/250m, 0.40mm/190m
RCL60A 16lb/250yd,20lb/210yd,
0.35mm/320m, 0.40mm/250m
LEFT hand

Spool Capacity lb/yd

RCL40AL 12lb/200yd, 16lb/180yd,
0.35mm/180m, 0.40mm/140m
RCL50AL 16lb/200yd, 20lb/160yd,
 0.35mm/250m, 0.40mm/190m
RCL60AL 16lb/250yd,20lb/210yd,
0.35mm/320m, 0.40mm/250m

2bb Full alu. Boat casting Multiplier reel;.
All brass gears. Centrifugal & mechanical brake
Code NO  spool dia.  Gear ratio

16LB/430YD     25LB/260YD


16LB/650YD     25LB/440YD


16LB/750YD     25LB/540YD

Color : gunsmoke golden/black
#70 Available in LEFT HAND

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