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Osprey Dry powder crack light or glow stick.

Crack light enclosed in a alu. foil packing to ensure long shelf life.

Glow sticks

Specifications  Dry powder crack light

Long life crack light for fishing min. duration 8hrs.

High intensity light and safe in usage
Straight tube
Code no: GL325-   3.0mm x 25mm--2pcs/pk
Code no: GL4039  4.0mm x 39mm -2pcs/pk
Code no: GL4539  4.5mm x 39mm-2pcs/pk
Code no: GL6050   6.0mm x 50mm-2pcs/pk
Code no: GL7575-  7.5mmx 75mm-2pcs/pk
bulb version
GLB325: 3.0mm x 29mm
GLB4539:4.5mm x39mm
Std tube for attachment to float:
NOTE: Plastic tube is of the same  diameter as light
glow stick attachment tube for float

Fishing  at night is much easier
With  this
Special clip to fit a  glow stick to a rods

Clip accepts any glow stick of 3mm in dia.

Code                  For rod diameter
TAWSS             1.5mm--2.6mm (1/16--3/32n)
TAWS                2.6mm-3.0mm  (3/32in-3/16in)
AWM               3.0mm-3.6mm  (3/16--5/32)
TAWL                3.6mm-4.3mm  (5/32--3/16)


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