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Hard Plastic wobbler or crankbaits from82-90mm- Pg4

Crankbaits with halographic finish. Crankbaits on wholesale
Crankbaits with Treble coats of hard epoxy finish to prevent scratches.
 Ratting sound within body of crankbaits.
Fast diving and suspend mode crankbaits

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits .87mm fast diving crankbaits
LD87E Slicker crankbaits,
A mid level to bottom diver crankbaits:
Body length: 87mm,/3.5in,

Overall :142mm/5.6in, 22g/0.8oz.

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits .85mm fast diving crankbaitsLD85. Jack knife Diver  crankbaits.
Holographic finish with etched lateral line and  3D eyes
Body: 85mm(3.4in). Wt:18.5g/0.65oz  
Overall including lip+hook :160mm(6.3in)
Hook size::#4 treble 

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits .86mm fast diving crankbaits
LF86 choker crankbaits
Body : 86mm, Wt: 12g/0.4oz.
Wiggling floater. High back to generate surface ripple
Overall  length: 95mm/3.8in,  x 12g/0.45oz.

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits .90mm popper crankbaits
LF90D: Sucker  popper crankbaits
Body Length: 90mm/3.5in
Overall length:120mm/4.7in,  Wt:14g/0.5oz,
Loud ratting sound with a balance body. Large body generates a high level of water motion.
Swims with a smooth dipping dive action. 

LDX03:Cameron crankbait
Body length: 85mm(3.6in) . Overall length including lip+hook:90mm Wt:17g/0.4oz hook: 2 x #6,  Diver
 Swim action: Mid level swimmer 1.0 to 2.0m

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits .82mm mid level crankbaits
LM82- Silver fish crankbaits 
Just below Surface swimmer.
Body: 3.3in/82mm. Wt:8g/0.30oz,Hook: 2 x #6
Dive to:1mtr/3.5ft below surface.

LM85:Sidewinder crankbaits :11.0g/0.40oz
Body : 85mm(3.4in)
Overall including lip+hook : 112mm(4.4in)
A split at the lower half near the tail- the special V slot
creates high water turbulence.

Swim from surface to mid level: 10ft below surface 

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits .87mm mid level diving crankbaits
LF87 Skimmer  crankbaits
.Prismatic scales with etched lateral line and  3D eyes.Body : 87mm(3.5in) .
Overall including lip : 112mm(4.4in)
g/0.62oz.Hook size::#6 treble.
Superb a aqua-dynamic body.

Crankbaits comes with 2 interchange lips
and packed in a plastic box.
LM197-1:85mm,16.5g dive depth:1.2.0m(2.5m)
use the round lip to increase diving depth

 LF90-183:Cranker crankbaits
Body length: 90mm/3.5in
 Wt:9.5g/0.3oz  hook: 2 x #6, 
 Swim action:Top level swimer:0.7 to1.2m

LD90-178- Bullfish crankbaits
Fast Diver: Dive to a depth of 1.5-2.5mtr
Body length:90mm,/3.5in,
Overall length:115mm/4.5in,
Wt: 27.0g/1.0oz  Hook: 2 x #2

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits .85mm fast diving crankbaits
LM85S-Baitfish  crankbaits
85mm(3.4in) . Overall length including lip+hook:128mm(4.6in)
Swim action : Mid level swimmer 2.5 to 3.5m
Hook: 2 x #4, Fast Diver, Wt:18.5g/0.7oz

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits .82mm  diving crankbaits
-Darting minnow  crankbaits
Surface skimmer.Swim with a darting action.
Body :3.3in/82mm. Wt:6.5g/0.25oz,Hook: 2 x #6
Dive to :1mmtr/3.5ft below surface and float back to surface.

LM90R: Serpent  crankbaits :
Body length:90mm/3.5in.
Overall :129mm/5.0in. Wt:11g/0.4oz
Serrated ring body,generates water turbulence, when diving to mid level from surface.

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits .90mm popper crankbaits
he Driller crankbaits is a fast popper,
Body: 90mm(3.5in) .Hook size::#6 treble
Overall length:120mm/4.7in Wt:18g/0.63oz          
Max possible cast distance:25mtrs
Loud ratting sound. Popper skims surface with a smooth dipping dive action.

Fast Diver: dive to a depth of 5mtr
Body length:90mm,/3.6in,
Overall length:120mm/4.7in, Wt:21g/0.8oz.Sinker weight on lip for a fast dive.
Shad tail generates air bubbles to wiggle the tail hook.
Highly effective for predator fish. Hook- 2 x #12

 LF95-187:Baitfish crankbaits
Body length: 95mm/3.8in
 Wt:11.0g/0.4oz  hook: 2 x #6, 
 Swim action:Top level swimer:0.5 to 0.8m

 Osprey hard plastic crankbaits .125mm 3 sections crankbaits
 LF110-187. Length:110mm/4.3in
 WT:15.5g/0.6oz, hook: 2 x #4,
 Dive depth:0.8-1.2m
 LF125-187. Length:125mm/4.9in
 WT:23.05g/0.8oz, Hook 2 x #2
 Dive depth:1.2-2.0m

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