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Hard plastic crankbaits. Crankbaits 30mm/1.5in-56mm/2in. Top level swimming Crankbaits- Pg1

Crankbaits with halographic finish.
Crankbaits with Treble coats of hard epoxy finish to prevent scratches.Ratting sound within body of crankbaits. Crankbaits on wholesale

Osprey mini hard plastic crankbaits : 30mm/1.5in top level Crankbaits
LF30 Mini Buggy crankbaits
30mm or 1.5 in, surface swimmer, small and well balance.Wt:3g/0.1oz  Hooks:#12 & #5 .

LM36 crankbaits -36mm/1.4 in, surface swimmer, 
PERFECT balance .Wt:4g/0.1oz  Hooks:#12

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits : 55mm2.0 in top level Crankbaits
- Hawkill swims like a fleeing minnow, when retrieved slowly will twitch and
jerks like an injured baitfish. A lively min level swim plug that will boasts your strike rate.
Size:55mm/2.2in  Overall length:95mm/3.7inWeight4g/0.15oz   Hook:#12
Swim action: Surface to Mid level

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits : 55mm/2.0 in top level Crankbaits
LD55DS crankbaits Humback.-Fast diver
Length:55mm/2in. Wt:11g/0.4oz. Hook 2 x #6
Fast diver to a depth of 5mtrs/15ft

 LF50-174 crankbaits- Mothy
Body length:50mm,
 Swim action: Dive to 0.3-0.5m
 Hook;  2 x #8 . Wt:6.6g/0.25oz

 LF137-2 Rattler  crankbaits
 surface swimmer
ength:57mm/2.2in Wt:6.0g/0.20oz. 
 hooks:#8 x 2

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits : mini top level Crankbaits
LF27 Bug crankbaits -30mm or 1.5 in,surface swimmer, Wt:3g/0.1oz  Hooks:#12

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits : 1.0 in top level Crankbaits
LF30B crankbaits Bug -30mm or 1.5 in, surface swimmer, small and well balance .Wt:3g/0.1oz  Hooks:#12

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits : 45mm Popper Crankbaits
LF45 crankbaits Tapole,a small rattling wobbler
Floater plug.
Length: 45mm/1.8in, wt: 5g/0.2oz

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits : 50mm top level Crankbaits
LF50 crankbaits-Voopie Devil.
The wobbler employs magnetic counter weight steel balls
to achieve its special darting action.This system enables the wobbler to achieve unique swim actions. Long cast to any position is easily achieves.Size: 50mm/2in. Type: Floater
Overall length:85mm/3.3in  Weight:5.5g  Hook:#8

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits : Fast diving  top level Crankbaits
LF56 crankbaits-Limping Minnow.Surface swimmer.
Body length:2.2in/56mm. Wt:2.5g/0.1oz,Hook:2 x #12
Swims with a high wobbling action.
Dive to :0.3mtr/1ft below surface
and float back to surface when line slack

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits :  top level Crankbaits with spinner
LF30S crankbaits- cyclone.
Swims from 0.3m down to 1mtr.
Body length:30mm, overall:56mm, Surface swimmer
Spinner blade creates high water turbulence.
Hook;  1 x #8 . Wt:5g/0.2oz.

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits : 35mm  top level Crankbaits
LF35 crankbaits Dancer -
35mm or 1.38 in, surface swimmer, well balance dancer .Floater, hook#12. wt:2g/0.07oz

LF50E crankbaits
Rattler.Loud ratting sound with a balance body. Large body generates a high level of water motions.
Swims with a smooth dipping dive action. 
A smooth retrieval action is most effective. Length: 50mm/2.0in , Overall length:70mm/2.8in, 5g/0.2oz

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits : 2in Fast diving  top level Crankbaits
LF50D crankbaits
Buzcombie.Floater.Body length: 50mm/2 in,  Overall length:70mm/2.8in, Wt:5.5g,
Large hump body makes it darts like a bug. When retrieve slowly, the hump will create water ripple.

LF55 crankbaits
: Sinking Minnow- Length:overall:60mm/2.4in,
Body length:55mm. Hook: 2 x #6, Wt:5g/0.2oz.

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