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Osprey Crankbait with Holographic pattern. 4-5in crankbait. Crankbait-Pg6.

Hard plastic crankbait with halographic finish. Total level with a fast diving crankbait.
Hard plastic crankbait finished with Treble coats of hard epoxy vanish to prevent scratches.
Ratting sound within body of crankbait.

 Osprey hard plastic crankbait. 4in top level crankbaitLD100 Torpedo :Crankbait :100mm/4in.
Overall 130mm/5.2in, Wt: 22g/0.8oz
Ideal for fast water, Dive to a dept of 3m

 Bombie Diver crankbait
 Body length:105mm/4.2in. Dive depth:3-4m
Holographic finish with etched lateral line and  3D eyes
Overall length including lip:180mm/7.0in
Hook size:#4 treble. Wt:17.0
The bill is designed to provide a fast deep diving action,

Osprey hard plastic crankbait. 110mm top level darting crankbait
LF110E. LeoDevil
Overall:140mm/5.5in , dive Depth:2m
Floater-a well balanced streamlined body, fitted with precise position balancer to enable it to wiggler in a radical side-to-side action. Body:110mm /4.3in,
Weight:15g Hook:#4

Crankbait with 2 interchange lips and packed in a plastic box.
LM197-2:122mm,26g dive depth:2-3.0m (3.5m)
LM197-3:150mm,38.5g dive depth:3-4.0m(4.5m)
use the round lip to increase diving depth by 0.5mtr

LD110-178- Bullfish crankbait
Fast Diver: Dive to a depth of 3-3.5mtr
Overall length:135mm/5.3in, 
Wt: 40.0g/1.4oz Hook: 2 x #1

LF100SI. Cranker crankbait
Length: 100cm/4in. Hooks 2 x #4
Body split around the tail end .Wt:18g/0.65oz. .
Surface swimmer and wiggle down to a depth of 1~2mtrs.

Osprey hard plastic crankbait. 10.5cm fast diving crankbait
LD105-2-Perch crankbait: dive dept:3-4m
Fast Diver to a depth of 3.5-4.5mtr Body length:106mm,/4.2in, Hook: 2 x #1
Overall length:160mm/6.3in, Wt: 34.5g/1.3oz,
Ideal for fishing predator fish

 Osprey hard plastic crankbait. 130mm top level crankbaitLF130 Sprite diver Crankbait:30mm/5.2in,
Overall length:165mm/6.5in, wt: 21g/0.8oz.
A long slim bodyfloater, diving down to 2mtr

Osprey hard plastic crankbait. 128mm top to mid level darting crankbait
LD128- Diva Crankbait length:5.2in/128mm
Hook: 3 x #4.
Dives with a slow wobbling action to:2mtr/6.5ft
below surface.

Osprey hard plastic crankbait. 115mm top level crankbait
LF115: Dumpy crankbait
Body length:115mm /4.3in,
Overall:132mm/5.2in , WT:17.5g/0.6oz
Long fast skimmer,

 LD120-194-Driller crankbait
- Fast deep diving
Fast Diver: Dive to a depth of 3.0~-6.0mtr
 Body :120mm,/4.3in,
 Wt: 22.0g/0.8oz Hook: 3 x #1

Osprey hard plastic crankbait. 103mm top level crankbait
LD103-Sardine crankbait.
Wt:15g/0.60oz. Hook: 2 x #4
Swim with a fasting diving action.
Body length: 4.1in/103mm. Dive to :2-3mtr/6.5-10ft.

 Osprey hard plastic crankbait. 110mm top level crankbaitLF110 Skimmer crankbait
 Body: 110mm(4.3in)  dive Depth:2m
Holographic finish with etched lateral line and  3D eyes
Overall length including lip+hook : 140mm(5.5in)
g/0.62oz .Hook size::#4 treble
Action: Floater/skimmer  Superb a aqua-dynamic body. The slightest rod movement will makes the lure skims, slip-slides with a quick dart.

 Skipper Crankbait length: 110mm/4.3in.
Overall length:130mm/5.1 in. Wt:14g/0.5oz.
V joint creates turbulence when the tail wiggles.

Osprey hard plastic crankbait. 110mm2 section crankbait
LM110D- Zombie Eel crankbait.
Body length: 110mm/4.4in. Div depth :3m
Overall length:160 mm/6.3in. Wt:13g/0.5oz. Hook:#4
 A split body wiggler, with steel ball in the front half enables it to wiggler in a lively action.


 LD130-195-Drill King crankbait
 Fast deep diving
Dive depth of 4.0~-7.0mtr
 Body length:130mm,/5.1in,
 Wt: 30g/1.0oz Hook: 3 x #1

 LD110-175-Wacker crankbait
 Fast deep diving 
Dive depth max : 4.0mtr
 Body length:115mm,/4.5in,
 Wt: 38.0g/1.4oz Hook: 2 x #1

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