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CNC machined Large jet heads for trolling lures.
For DIY/lure maker -the freedom to fit any skirt patterns. Pg5

For DIY/ lure maker- Aluminum and brass jet heads for trolling lures.
CNC machined Jet heads for DIY usage. DIY trolling lure heads suit skirts from 6-12in skirts.

   Osprey DIY trolling lure head  allows the freedom to fit any skirt combination. DIY Trolling head weights from 6oz to 1.2lb
Large Hard chrome Brass jet head for DIY usage  

Code nos Head_Length Head_weight
LD10111 11cm/4.3in 1.35lbs
LD9811 11.5cm/4.5in 1.3lbs
LD9711 11cm/4.3in 1.4lbs
LD10070 7cm/2.8in 13.7oz
LD9940 4cm/1.6in 6.5oz
Head individually packed in a hard PVC tube
Tube for packing trolling lure head

   Osprey CNC machined brass DIY trolling lure head  offers the freedom to fit skirts of your own chose.DIY trolling lures head accepts skirts from 6.5-12in 

Typical example  of the above DIY jet heads for trolling lure
 fitted with skirt.-- allow Active X control and click to view on You tube

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