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CNC machined JET heads for trolling lures. Pg4
Hard chrome Brass jet head for DIY use/ trolling lure makers.
For DIY/ lure maker- Aluminum and brass jet heads for trolling lures.
Hard chrome CNC machined Jet heads  for lure makers.

Brass jet heads  for trolling lures. CNC  machined Jet head for lure maker.Brass Multi holes jet head  for DIY/lure maker  
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THA01-1 Brass jet head : 12 x 29mm head length
THA01-2 Brass jet head : 15 x 30mm head length
THA01-3 Brass jet head : 18 x 44mm head length
THA01-4 Brass jet head : 22 x 50mm head length
THA01-5 Brass jet head : 25 x 57mm head length

Brass Jet Head- DIY use/lure maker 
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THA07 Brass jet : 15.5 x 32mm 
THA08-1 Brass jet : 13 x 37mm
THA08-2 Brass jet  14 x 38mm
THA08-3 Brass jet  16 x 45mm
THA12-35 Brass jet  10 x 35mm
THA12-42 Brass jet  16 x 42mm
THA15 Brass jet : 15x 45mm
THA16 Brass jet : 16x 36mm
THA17 Brass jet : 12x 29mm
THA18 Brass jet : 13x 32mm
THA33 Brass jet : 12x 32mm 

DIY cnc machined trolling lure head DIY use or for lure maker
Aluminum/brass head for DIY or lure maker
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THA21-30  9 x 30mm
THA21-40 12x 40mm
THA21-50  14x 50mm
THA21-60  17x 60mm
THA21-70  20x 70mm

 Brass jet and propeller head- for DIY or lure maker
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THA05 Brass Propeller head : 30x60mm
THA10 Brass Propeller head: 30x65mm
THA27 Chrome jet head: 19x 38mm
THA28 Chrome jet head: 16x 38mm
THA29 Chrome Witchy jet head :16 x 40mm
THA30 Anodized jet head e:22 x 45mm
THA31 missile shape head :22 x 65mm

Aluminum jet head for lure maker/DIY
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THA020-1A jet head : 11 x 25mm
THA020-2A jet head : 13 x 30mm
THA020-3A jet head : 15 x 40mm
THA020-4A jet head : 19 x 50mm
THA020-5A jet head : 21 x 55mm

ALuminium CNC machined trolling lure head for DIY or lure maker
Aluminum/brass head for DIY or lure maker
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THA022-1A  9 x 22mm
THA022-2A 10 x 30mm
THA022-3A  12 x 35mm
THA022-4A  13 x 35mm
THA022-5A  18 x 45mm
Brass jet head
 for DIY or Lure maker
code No Dimennsion
THA02-1 jet head: 10 x 28mm
THA02-2 Brass jet head: 13 x 37mm
THA02-3 Brass jet head: 16 x 46mm 
THA02-4 Brass jet head: 19 x 54mm
THA02-5 Brass jet head: 21 x 60mm
THA03-1 Brass jet head: 6 x 21mm
THA03-2 Brass jet head: 8 x 27mm
THA03-3 Brass jet head : 10 x 29mm
THA03-4 Brass jet head:12 x 33mm
THA03-5 Brass jet head:14 x 38mm
THA03-6 Brass jet head :17 x 42mm
THA03-7 Brass jet head :19 x 55mm
THA06 Brass jet head:15 x 32mm

Aluminum jet head- for DIY/ lure maker 
code No product name
THA23-1 Slant Alu head: 24 x 53mm
THA23-2 Slant Alu head: 29 x 65mm
THA24 Anodised Alu Jet head: 19 x 50mm
THA26 Anodised Alu Jet head : 16.5x 37mm
THA25 Alu bullet shape head:18 x 50


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