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Eel hook rig. Rigging sleeve.
Special glow in the dark rigging sleeve for rigs and leader line.
Silicone Rigging sleeve  with enlarge head.

Eel hook with teaser
soft gel eel hook rig-3008  Code:


Hook size
3008-8 8cm/3.1in 1/0
3008-10 10cm/4.0in 2/0
3008-12 12cm/4.7in 3/0
3008-14 14cm/5.5in 5/0
3008-16 16cm/6.3in 7/0
soft gel tubing. Rigging sleeve for rigs and leader lineGlow tube for  snell Glow in the dark
rigging sleeve for game hook or on slip hook.
Code: Length
L8063 8cm/3.2in
Eel hook with long tail
soft gel eel hook rig-2008-16  Code: Length Hook size
2008-8 8cm/3.1in 1/0
2008-10 10cm/4.0in 2/0
2008-12 12cm/4.7in 3/0
2008-14 14cm/5.5in 5/0
2008-16 16cm/6.3in 7/0
soft gel silicone tubing for eel hook rig
soft plastic tube / rigging sleeve
Dia. 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
Length 20cm

Silicone glow in the dark rigging sleeve. double enlarged head rigging sleeve for leader line.
Double enlarged head rigging sleeve
Code: Length
RS235 23cm/9in

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