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Electronic Lure: wobblers and squid jigs with led light within body.

  • Osprey electronic light up lures.
  • Osprey electronic lures for prawns the  battery is can be changed.
  • Osprey electronic lures- flashing light within the prawn body
SJDZ series Squid jigs Length:110mm-(4.3in).
5 models;  Stabilizer wt:4.5g/4.0g/3.5g/3.0g/2.5g
Flashing lights: in 3 colors  cycle
Body colour:5- Green/yellow/orange/red/blue/pink/
Supply in a hard tackle box.Sealed battery
electronic lure;  squid jig
code Stabliser wt Overall wt


SJDZ25 2.5g 17.6g/0.6oz 9.4cm/3.7in
SJDZ30 3.0g 18g/0.65oz 10.8cm/4.3in
SJDZ35 3.5g 21.8g/0.8oz 12.7cm/5.0in
SJDZ40 4.0g 30.1g/1.1oz 14cm/5.5in
SJDZ45 4.5g 33g/1.2oz 16cm/6.3in


electronic lure squid jig qc dz-03
code Stabliser wt Overall wt Length
SJDZW30 3.0g 18.5g/0.7oz 11.3cm/4.4in

  SJDZW series   Squid jigs;Prawn
  Length:110mm-(4.3in). 1 model;  Stabilizer wt:3.5g
  Flashing lights: in 3 colors  cycle or single light mode
  Body colour::5- Green/yellow/orange/  /red/blue/pink/
  Supply in a hard tackle box. Replaceable battery

electronic squid jig-SJDZW -3

electronic squid jig-SJDZW -4 


electronic lure: Flashing electronic wobbler or crankbaitor crankbait
 Model :
LNR90 m/3.5in. Wt :12.5g/0.45oz
Swims just below water surface 
Model LNR130 :
130mm/5.2in. Wt :25.5g/09.oz
 Swim from surface to below water surface
 Flashing light: ledlight flashes when wet or in water.

 STOP flashing when dry or not in water.


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