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Electronic squid jig.
Tubular Ledlight Squid jig with flashing mode.

Control system for electronic squid jig led light tubeElectronic squid jig with 3 steps toggle switch for ledlight
1)On steady light
2)flashing light

  • Ledlight for electronic squid jig

Electronic squid jig LRB01 Ledlight casing only

 Prawn shape auto off electronic squid jig
Click this link to view details
Osprey auto off electronic squid squid. click image for detail 

Tubular Electronic squid jig.

LBRSK78- Ledlight casing with spider hook
LBR04: Ledlight casing with squid rig
LBR04-1 casing with rig


 electronic Squid jig led light tube LR PACKING
 Ledlight colour combination 
 Ledlight Color available : Clear/ blue/ red/green/yellow
 Each tube contains 2 led lights:, and this lights can be customised to suit your requirement.

2 versions:
1) light based on the above color combination
2) flashing color change in cycle.


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