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Multi function fishing tools with crimper, cutter and split ring spliter function. Filleting knife set for life bait. Pg1A
Multi functions fishing tools. Multi functions tools with crimper, resizer, cutter and split ring opener tool bit

Filleting knife set for fishing. Filleting knife set: 1 filleting knige+1 debone knife+1 scissor+shapener
Filleting knife set : in a handy carrier pouch
2 filleting knifes+ 1serrated debone knife+1 scissor + cutting board +filleting knife sharpener.
 Filleting Knife /scissor blade: stainless 

Filleting knife 
Stainless filleting knife back of plate:
Scale scraper,  Floating handle  length of blade 6in
total length:11in

: Heavy Duty multi functions tool. Large slitter to plies open large split rig. Crimping tool and Brass tube resize tool bits.  Length:20cm/8in
Aluminum frame with Titanium alloy tool bit

 Filleting knife Model:ACK101-3
Stainless filleting knife
with hard case 
3 knifes:5in /6in/7.5in

ACM09 :6in aluminum alloy handle
Multi functions tool: Crimper, cutter
and split ring opener tool bit.

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