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Fish Keeper- keep net, wire keeper basket. 
Fish Keeper cord with snap hooks.

AC453755 Fish keeper portable with lock.
Fish keeper dim:45 x 37 x 55cm or
  18 x 15 x 22in
Fish keeper wit ha click lock on the handle
to keep the opening close.

 fish keeper cage wire type ac861025
 Collapsible wire cage fish keeper:
 standard version

AC861025       :25cm dia x 36cm deep
 AC861030       :30cm dia x 44cm deep
 AC861033       :33cm dia x 46cm deep
 AC861045       :45cm dia x 58cm deep
 AC862834       :34cm dia x 44cm deep
 AC861038        38cm dia x 53cm dee

Fish Keeper ModelAC7535
75CM/30in long x 35cm/14in dia,
click lock on the handle.

Collapsible life bait keeper
To stiffen up-blow air on to side frame.
Supply with battery operated airpump.
Height: 20.5cm/8in x 20.5cm/8 in dia
Or ideal as a kiddy fish keeper

 fish keep cage floatble type
 Floating cage fish keeper with ballast
320mm dia x 420mm deep
ACFKW2525F : 250mm dia x 300mm deep

-5keeper +3mtr braided cord
AC1034-6 -5keeper +6mtr braided cord
AC1034-8 -5keeper +8mtr braided cord

fish keeper cord ac1035







AC1035-3 -5keeper +3mtr braided cord
AC1035-6 -5keeper +6mtr braided cord
AC1035-8 -5keeper +8mtr braided cord


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