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Manufacturer of : Fishing rods. fishing reels and lures.



Fishing Gloves : Fishing gloves make from  neoprene , leather and poyester.

Fishing gloves matrial neprene. leather, polyesterOG0587-- 3 half fingers glove- polyester
-5 half fingers- polyester
Colour : Blue, Black, Red
Palm side positive friction grip netting

3 cut fingers glove.
Full puff camo leathers on the palm side
and form fittings elastic poly fabric on the front side.
Anti slip pad on palm side.

Glove with 3 cut fingers.
Neoprene leather combination glove.
Elastic and Fitting with soft puff leather
on the palm side. Anti slip vinyl across the palm

OG0531-3 cuts finger
5 cuts fingers.
 Artificial PVC leather  with  red elastic expander poly yarn.

- Glove-Soft wet suit type neoprene construction for cold weather.

 Underside: Poly  netting with slits on thumbs
and first 2 fingers.
 Other colours available for order of 500pr
and above : full black/ red trimming

Glove with 3 cut fingers,
neoprene/leather combination glove.
 Palm side soft puff leather.
 Comfortable poly elastic yarn and netting for fingers


3 cut fingers neoprene glove with artificial leather on the palm side.
 Front side with small hook or sharper holder.

 5 cut finger with flap cover
for fingers and thumb.
For winter fishing

5cut fingers neoprene/leather combination glove.
 Palm side leather with pressure pad.
 Front side neoprene with knuckle cushion pad

Glove with 3 cut fingers : camos leather on palm side
 Front side: Neoprene and netting for ventilation
 Broad waist band to relieve stress
 winter fishing glove with flap coverWoollen cotton mix gloves with finger cover

fishing glove for winter or ice fishing

with a thick woollen inner lining

-- 3 half fingers glove- polyester
OG0601--5 half fingers- polyester
Colour :  Red/vlack
Palm side positive friction grip pebble shape ribble
cold netting on front side


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