Osprey Fishing tackle : Maker for fishing rods, fishing reels and fishing lures.Osprey Fishing Tackle

Manufacturer of : Fishing rods. fishing reels and lures.



Osprey Fishing lure : Trolling lures, Jigging lures, wobbler or crankbait,
Hard foam Jerk lure, Soft gel plastic lures
and metalic lure; spoons, spinners and twisters.

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 Trolling lures

 Jigging lures


 Jerk bait & popper


trolling lure 
Clear head trolling lures
witchy trolling lure
Brass  Alu jet head troling lure
teaser bowling pin
jigging dropper 
Jigging drop jigs

Lead fish jigging jig
Lead fish jigging jigs

squid jig
Squid std model and electronic
 hard plastic lure L wobblers or crankbait or crank bait
Wobbers or crankbaits.

wobbler with split body
Wobblers with split body
 hard foam jerk bait
Hard foam jerk bait

wooden popper
Wooden Poppers
mini spoons
Fishing spoons/ flasher
spinner baits
Spinner baits

 Sabiki Rigs and Jigs

Soft gel lures

 Swim baits

 Electronic lures

Rigs/ others 

 sabiki rig
Sabiki rig
bottom feeder rig
Bottom Feeder rigs
squid skirts
Squid skirts with UV
soft worm, crabs, frogs and  curly
general worms : curly crab, frog, prawns etc
hard body swim baits
Hard body swim bait
soft gel  swim bait with serrrated body
Soft body swim bait
Solar lures
Solar Powered lures

electronic squid jig
Electronic squid jig

Jigging rig


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