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Fishing scale- mechanical version.   Pg3
Fishing scale with fish lip gripper.  Digital version click this link

spring scale for fishing achs002-2


Spring scale ACHS002
 Dual reading
 kg and lbs


Spring scale Max reading"15kg/30lb
Stainless jaw and barrel  ACSS689


spring scale for fishing CS001ACS001
 0-6kg scale with compass





Fishing scales.0-22kg
with zero setting button+1mtr measuring tape

Model ACS006
-7kg, 0-11kg , 0-22kg
stainless material and anodized with
the following colour silver, dark blue.
light blue/ black


 spring scale for fishing acs005  ACS005  Available either
 in all stainless
or alu. body


fish weighing scale with last wt or positon setter acs11



Fishing scales.
with last weight position setter

 spring scale for fishing AC004  Model AC004
 Round face.

spring scale for fishing ACS010Large capacity fishing scales.




spring scale for fishing acs22Scale  Spring scale with last weight
position setter


Dual scale in lb and in kgs

ACS22   Scale 0-22kg(50lb)

 spring scale for fishing acs003

Scale with a measuring tape
 Model: ACS003




 spring scale for fishing acs009ACS009
 Steel frame
 fishing scales.




Digital version click this link

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