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Osprey Fly casting reel.
Fly reel with anti reverse clutch.

Fly reels interchange from right to left hand. Large abhor fly reel and also 3:1 ratio fly reel.

  • Osprey Cnc machined fly reel
  • Fly reel with interchangable right to left hand use, --no tool is required
  • Osprey Fly reel is available from size 3/4 -- to 11/12
  • Ball bearings:3 stainless
  • Fly reel with aluminum frame and spool

Fly reel-Pg 1 

Front & back view
Model RFHLight wt fly reel
Code Reel wt Spool Dia./width Spool  Capacity
RFH34 130g/4.6oz 75mm x 27mm WF3+120yd
RFH56 140g/5oz 85mm x 32mm WF5+150yd
RFH78 170g/6oz 95mm x 35mm WF7+170yd
RFH9/10 180g/6.5oz 102mm x 37mm WF9+250yd


2+1bb Full alu. alloy CNC machined fly reel.
 Stainless  components.
Code NO  spool dia.  Gear ratio
RFLF3-3/4 74mm 1.0:1
RFLF3-5/6 87mm
RFLF3-7/8 97mm
RFLF3-9/10 109mm
RFLF3-11/13 117mm
Color : gunsmoke golden/black

2+1bb Full alu. alloy CNC machined fly reel . Stainless  components.
Code NO  spool dia.  Gear ratio
FRLF2-3/4 74mm 1.0:1
FRLF2-5/6 87mm
FRLF2-7/8 97mm
FRLF2-9/10 109mm
FRLF2-11/13 117mm
Color : gunsmoke golden/black

2bb Full alu. alloy CNC machined  fly reel.
Stainless  components.

Code NO  spool dia.  Gear ratio
RFID60 0.2/100m 3.1:1
Color : gunsmoke golden/black
Model FLA with anti reverse bearing fly reel

Available in size 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
  size of reel        Wt
 FLA3/4         5.3oz
 FLA5/6         6.0oz
 FLA7/8         6.9oz
 Osprey fly casting reel large abhor. Fly reel availabe in 5 colors Reverse side/ spool side view
 Available in gold/ gunsmoke/ black/ bright chrom







Light fly reel without anti reverse clutch
 Standard fly reel for right hand use ONLY
 Model RFL222
Available from size : 3/4.  5/6.. nos of BB:2
light wt: 3oz and 3.5oz respectively

fly reel with  5 holes  fly reels with cnc machined frame. Fly reels from #3 to #6
CNC machined fly reel with anti reverse brake
Code Line Wt Spool Dia Reel overall dia Spool Width Fly Line Wt Nos of BB
RFA34 3,4 62mm/2.5in 74mm/3.0in 21.0mm/0.8in 105yd/20# 142.3g/5oz 3
RFA56 5,6 78mm/3.0in 87mm/3.45in 23mm/0.9in  120yd/20# 171.6g/6oz 3
RFA78 7,8 88mm/3.5in 97mm/3.8in 26mm/1.02in 140yd/20# 225.8g/8oz 3

Fly reels ABS body

Osprey Fly reel- Graphite frame and spool
Code Line Size Spool Dia Spool Width Backing line(0.45mm) Wts
RFDS680 3/4/5 68mm/2.7in 17.5mm/0.7in 100m/110yd 135g/4.7oz
RFDS780 5/6/7/8 78mm/3.0in 20.5mm/0.8in 125m/140yd 153g/5.4oz

Fly reel ---Super light, corrosion resistance,
Graphite body and spool construction.
Side drag, spool dynamically balanced. Ratchet stop

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