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Special Sabiki rig keeper and leader line keeper. Lure keeper box.
Fly keeper box and leader line keeper /winder.

Fly and  hook rig box

AC952: 6.5in x 3.6in x 2in
Fly keeper box ach507
ACH507 fly box : 160 x 100 x 40mm

fly box - ach508
ACH508: 155x 100 x 35mm

Special Sabiki keeper
 Model :ACS22615--22cm long
             AC28615--28cm long

Convert this mess into an orderly  rig.

Sabiki rig keeper and winder








sabiki rigEVA goblin to coil all your
 sabiki rigs and other leader line rig with multiple hooks
 Tags available to have your
 range of rigs proper tag
 Safety first with leader lines involving multi hooks

  Specialty tackle box for sabiki rig AC40155-3 Specialty tackle box for sabiki rig AC40155-4

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