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Drop forged stainless gaff hook. Tag for game fish.
Special handle with screw cap to interchange between gaff hook and lure retriever. Pg7

Tag head and Gaff hook combination set

Handle Length




handle+ screw on gaff hook
AJF10565-197sc 1.97m/6.5ft handle+ screw on gaff hook
AFTP10565-HD145 1.4mtr/4.6ft complete set gaff+ tag head
AFTP10565-HD066 0.66m/2.2ft complete set gaff+ tag head
AJF10565-SCHK - Gaff Hook only
ACTG142 - Tag head only with spacer
ACTG142-1   Tag head without spacer

Gaff hook:  Hook: Stainless. Handle: aluminum 
stainless gaff hook acj1602
Gaff hook: 2 Sections x 1.6mtr/5.3ft
Black Handle close length 77cm/30in

 stainless gaff hook acj1503

 3sections x 1.5mtr/4.9ft
 Gaff hook :close length:77cm/30in

stainless gaff hook acj2103ACJ2103


Gaff hook: 3sections x 2.1mtr/6.9ft
 Close length:77cm/30in

Combination Landing net and gaff hook set.
Overall lenght:2.4m/7.8ft. Handle ext length:6.0ft.
Landing net head:55cm/22in. Net dept:28in/70cm
Stainless Gaff hook:6.6in/17cm. 
Frame and handle.: Alu/ alloy.
Landing net with soft cord braided netting- prevent damge to fish.
Soft braided cord netting-ideal for catch and release.
Osprey combination gaff hook and landing net set.
Dual purpose hand: Stainless gaff hook-/landing net head

ACR series Gaff hook sets with lure retriever.
Drop forged 316 stainless Gaff hook
with lure retriever combo.
Handle available in: 1.2m/4.0ft or 1.80m/6.0ft

Lure retriever Model ACR80SS 

Lure retriever Model ACR137SS 
Osprey dorp forged gaff hook. Gaff hook in 316 stainless
Stainless 316 gaff hook ACR265-75

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