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Gimbals in aluminium or ABS. Full body harness.
Accessories for Game fishing.Pg7A


Aluminum gimbals



Gimbal-10inGimbals swivel bal
OURA1--Width 1O inch

gimbal 9inOURA2-- Width 9in

 Fighting Butt for rods with Gimbal butt : ACB2826

ACG195-Width 195mm/7.7in .PVC frame with soft EVA backing
ACG290AS-Width 295mm/11.5in  Alu frame with soft EVA backing. Sivel from horizontal to vertical.

RTS9550: 9.5in wide x 5 in high hip gimbal belt
Flexible ABS material with EVA lining- easy on the
hip. Friction traction swivel gimbal socket.

Reel shoulder support harness: AC392

gimabal 8in Gimbals with angle footing
OUR3-- width 8inch

ACG230-Width 230mm/9.0in  PVC frame with soft EVA backing

ACG270S4-Width 270mm/10.0in .PVC frame with soft EVA backing. 360deg swivel

Full back harness
 Model TSC
Deep padded back support 13 in deep.
Should strap with thick padding
TSC135: 35 in--50 in waist
TSC140: 40in--60in
TSC153: 53in--73in
Definition:35in--50in means
the protective padding is 35in wide with front
adjustable belt to cover a max waist line of 50 ingimball abs 18in
OURM1-18inch width  can be fitted with hip harness if required
gimbal 18in

ACG270S-Width 270mm/10.0in PVC frame with soft EVA backing

ACG285A-Width 285mm/11.0in  Alu frame with soft EVA backing



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