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Hand line winder or line coiler.
Line coiler round or fist grip. Pg8A

ideal for winding of line from hand poles
Leader line winder.
AC113- 11 x 3cm or 4.3 x 1.2in

AC122:  12 x 2cm  or 4.7 x 0.8in

AC163: 16.5 x 2cm or 6.5 x 0.8in
AC213: 21.5 X 3cm or 8.75 x 1.5in 
available in packs 10pc


3 in one line winderThis 3 in 1 inline winder with 4 grooves per ring is a compact and ideal leader line winder  to keep leader line with
 varies size hooks and line
AC032 : 10 X 3cm / 4in dia x 1.5in thick

 Leader line winder-winder board ac6022Line winder board
2.5 in wide x 8.5in long
--4 slots






AC15946: comes with 6 spools of EVA winder coi
tube to kee rig line in a coil
Keeper for rigs line
Code  Dia. Wall thickness
AC4-1 4mm 0.5mm
AC6-1 6mm
AC8-1 8mm

Hand line winder
hand line winder small sizehand line winder large sizehand line winder holder grip

Code Dia Width
AC1245 123mm/4.8in 50mm/2in
AC1650 158mm/6.2in 50mm.2in
AC1905 189mm/7.5in 55mm/2.2in
AC2436 242mm/9.5in 58mm/2.3in
AC1122   22cm/8.7in x 12cm/4.7in

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