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Swimbaits body pattern a life like replica of a trout and perch
Hard body swimbaits and jerkbaits with a true to life swim action. Pg1

  • Special : Swimbaits /jerkbaits with a High strength Dacron spine connection the various split parts and fitted with a soft gel tail.
    Through wire system swimbaits /jerkbaits. Swimbaits parts resistance to wear from fish bites.

  • Top and mid level swim action swimbaits. Swimbaits in size from 3 to 6.5in.

Hard body swimbaits /jerkbaits with soft gel tail and fins
Code Length Wt: Hook size
LMG90 9cm/3.5in 12g #6 & #10
LMG115 11.5cm/4.5in 16g #4 & #8
LMG140 14cm/5.5in 35g #2 & #6
LMG165 16.5cm/6.5in 51g #1/0 & #4
    Swim bait supplied in a double blister
 osprey swimbaits or jerkbaits. Trout swimbaits with soft gel tail

Hard body perch swimbaits with soft gel tail and fins
Code Length Wt: Hook size
LMP95 9.5cm/3.8in 17g #4 & #8
LMP140 14.0cm/5.5in 50g #1 & #4

Patterns for trout swimbaits is also applicable for Perch model shown below 

Color patterns for hard body LMG trout swimbaits /jerkbaits

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