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Hard Body swimbait in 3 N 4 sections. Swimbait swims with a rattling sound.
Swimbait /Jerkbaits Pg2.

 Special : Hard ABS plastic -bite and scatch resistant swimbait /jerkbaits. Swimbait with a through wire system- Stainless wire connection between parts and with a soft gel tail. Through wire system swimbait /jerkbait. Swimbait coated with a hard epoxy finish to ensure pattern is resistance to fish bites. 
Large top level swimbait from 7 to 13in
Osprey large body -13 in hard plastic swimbait. Swimbait with a trout body pattern

 Osprey hard body swimbait. 3/4 sections split Swimbait
Hard body swimbait with soft gel tail and fins
Code swimbait -Length Hook size
LJMIN3000 30cm/13.4in-348g 2 x 7/0
 osprey swimbait : hard body swimbait  in 2 split sections
Hard body swimbait with soft gel tail and fins
Code swimbait-Length Hook size
LWZN4S-19 19cm/7.5in 2 x 5/0
LWZN4S-23 23cm/9.0in 2x 6/0

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