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Head Lamp, Clip on led light for cap.
Cap with a band of led light around the peak.

 clip on led light bank for caps ac8005
 Model:AC8005B: Black:
 2 light switching mode: flashing or 5 lights at once. light color: white

 AC8005A: Autumn leave pattern;
  3 light switching mode: 1, 3 or 5 lights
 light color: white/ green/ blue


peak cap with led lights around the brim





Cap with led light on the peak

OU316--3 led lights
OU522--5led lights
 cap with led lights around the brim ou316

Clip on led light pack for cap.

 Head Lamp: ACL917-14              
14 high intensity led light            
 5 Switch functions                      
 *light up 4 led light                   
 *light up 6 led light                     
 *light up 8 led light
 *light up all 14 led light                      
 *Flashing mode                            
 Packing for all head lights
 either in a display box or in a double blister.
 Battery for all the above head light:3 x #7 dry cell.

Cap with led light around the peak

 Led light color available in
 White/ blue/green/ red and orange
 Cap colour: any patterns or color
 private branding with your company logo available.
 Code NO:OU26R


 Head lamp AcL915
 -Head Lamp: ACL915-9        Head Lamp  ACL916-12
9 high intensity led light     12 high intensity led light
 4 Switch functions                4 Switch functions
 *light up 1 led light              *light up 4 led light
 *light up 3 led light              *light up 8 led light
 *light up all 9 light                *light up all 12 light
 *Flashing mode                    *Flashing mode

 Head lamp AcL911
 -Head Lamp: ACL911-3            Head Lamp  ACL913-7
 3 high intensity led light        7 high intensity led light
 3 Switch functions                   4 Switch functions
 *light up 1 led light                 *light up 1 led light
 *light up 3 led light                 *light up 3 led light
 *Flashing mode                       *light up all 7 light
                                                      *Flashing mode



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