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Jigging jig from 50-400g. Jigging Jig in various diving shapes.
Lead fish jig with laser inlay.-Pg3

Tin-Lead alloy jigging jig- resist denting and bending.
Lead Jig with Treble coats of hard epoxy clear finish to prevent damaging the laser film from fish bites.
Lead Jigging jig in fast diving or high spinning or rocking action mode.

Osprey tin lead alloy jigging jig . Jigging jig overlay with laser film
Jigging jig with glow in the dark  paint  on
the reverse side

Code nos wt hook size length
LFE15-230 230g 1/0# 15cm
LFE15-200 200g 1/0# 14cm
LFE15-160 160 1/0# 14cm
LFE15-180 180 1/0# 15cm

Lead fish Jigging Jig LFP84
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFP84-220 220g/7.9oz 23/9in

Jigging jig-Lead fish jigs LFFP
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFFP-175 175g/6.3oz 19/7.5
LFFP-240 240g/8.6oz 20.5/8.0

  Osprey lead jigging jigs. Jigging jig with a spinning dive actionJigging jigs-Lead fish jig LFSFU

Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFSFU-160 230g/8.3oz 12.7/5
LFSFU-180 180g/6.5oz 13/5.1
LFSFU-200 200g/7.2oz 13.2/5.2
LFSFU-230 230g/8.3oz 13.5/5.3

Lead jigging jig LFP81
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFP81-200 200g/7.2oz 24/9.5

Jigging jiggings-Lead fish jig LF90
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LF90-300 300g/10.8oz 19.5/7.7
LF90-400 400g/14.4oz 21.5/8.5
LF90-500 500g/18.0oz 23.5/9.3

 Osprey extra heavy jigs for deep drop. Jigging jig from 800g to 2kgExtra heavy deep drop Jig: diver Jigging Jigs
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LF12000 2.4kg/4.5lb 90.0cm/35.5in
LF1400 1.4kg/3.2lb 70.0cm/28.0in
LF500-800 0.8kg/1.8lb 50.0cm/20.0in

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Jigging jiggings-Lead fish jigging jig LF92
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LF92-230 230g/8.3oz 15.6/6.1
LF92-280 280g/10.0oz 19.3/7.7
LF92-330 330g/11.2oz 21.5/8.5

Jigging jigs-Lead fish jigging jig LF92
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFP67-100 100g/3.6oz 13/5.1
LFP67-200 200g/7.2oz 22.5/8.9
LFP67-300 300g/10.8oz 24.5/9.6
LFP67-400 400g/14.4oz 27/10.6
LFP67-500 500g/18.0oz 28.7/11.3

Jigging jig- Lead fish jig LF86
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LF86-300 300g/10.8oz 13.7/5.4

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