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Lead fish Jigging jig. Jigging jig with assist hook.
Abrasion and bend resistance lead jigging jig. -Pg5

Tin-Lead alloy jigging jig - resist denting and bending. Lead jig from 100~300gms.
Lead Jig with Treble coats of hard epoxy clear finish to prevent damaging the laser film from fish bites.
Lead Jigging jig in either fast diving or spinning or rocking mode.Fast Diving Fish shape lead jig

Tin Lead alloy jigging jig LFCH040
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH040-300 300g/10.8 25.0/9.8
LFCH040-225 225g/8.1 22.5/8.8
LFCH040-200 200g/7.2 20.0/7.9
LFCH040-150 150g/5.4 18.0/7.1

jigging jig - lead fish jigTin Lead alloy jigging jig LFCH045
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH045-100 100g/3.6oz


jigging jig-lead fish jig color
lead jig color
Tin Lead alloy jig LFCH008
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH008-140 140g/5.0 11.0/4.3
LFCH008-120 120g/4.3 10.5/4.1
jiging jig color pattern

Tin Lead alloy jigging jig LFCH041
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH041-250 250g/9.0 19.0/7.5
LFCH041-200 200g/7.2 17.0/6.7
LFCH041-150 150g/5.4 15.0/5.9
LFCH041-110 110g/3.9 13.5/5.3

Tin Lead alloy jigging jig LFCH43
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH043-320 320g/11.5 27.0cm/10.6in
LFCH043-270 270g/9.7 25.0cm/9.8in
LFCH043-230 230g/8.3 22.0cm/8.7in
LFCH043-200 200g/7.2 21.0cm/8.3in
LFCH043-150 150g/5.4 18.0cm/7.1in
LFCH043-100 100g/3.6 15.0cm/5.9in


Tin Lead alloy jig LFCH009
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH009-180 180g/6.5


Tin Lead alloy jigging jig 100g
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH019-100 100g/3.6oz



Tin Lead alloy jigging jig LFCH042
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH042-300 300g/10.8 25.0/9.8
LFCH042-225 225g/8.1 22.5/8.8
LFCH042-200 200g/7.2 20.0/7.9
LFCH042-150 150g/5.4 15.0/5.9

Tin Lead alloy jigging jig LFCH044
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH044-300 300g/10.8 28.0/11.0
LFCH044-230 230g/8.3 23.0/9.1
LFCH044-200 200g/7.2 20.0/7.9
LFCH044-150 150g/5.4 17.0/6.7

Tin Lead alloy jigging jig 85-325g
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH026-325 325g/11.7 22.5/10.1
LFCH026-210 210g/7.5 20/8.9
LFCH026-165 165g/5.9 18.5/8.3
LFCH026-135 135g/4.9 17.5/7.8
LFCH026-85 85g/3.1 15.0/6.7

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