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Lead fish Jigging jerkbait. Jerkbait with spinner blade. Pg4
Jerkbait jigging lure with bouyancy stick and stabliser 80-120g.

  • Vertical Jigging Jerkbait bouyance stick
  • Jigging Jerkbait with spinner bait.
  • Dancing squid vertical jigging jerkbait with flowing tenacles.
  • Bouyancy tube with stabliser for vertical jerkbait.
Jerkbait jigging lures : Dancing squid jerkbait jigging lures with a  bouyancy tube and lead stabliser
Special Dancing jigging Jerkbait 
Code nos Length Wt
LS16812-80 8.5in skirt 80g
LS16812-90 8.5in skirt 90g
LS16812-100 10.0in skirt 100g
LS16812-110 10.0in skirt 110g
LS16812-120 10.0in skirt 120g
Set complete with tandem assist hooks. Packed in a zip lock alu foil pack- click on  thumbnail to view detail


Buoyance tube for jerkbait  ONLY 
Code nos Wt
LT16812-80 80g
LT16812-90 90g
LT16812-100 100g
LT16812-110 110g
LT16812-120 120g
Packed in a zip lock alu foil pack
Jerkbaits :  Squid or octopus jerkbait with squid skirt tenacles and diving lip 
Hard body jerkbait jigging lure with squid tentacles
Code nos Length Wt Hooks size
L23569 23.5cm/9.3in 69g/2.5oz

3/0 treble+5/0 assist hook


Jerkbaits: Hard octopus head jerkbait  with spinnerbait skirt
Octopus jigging jerkbait with spinnerbait skirt

Code nos Length Wt Hook
LWX053-100 10.0cm/4.0in 10g/0.4z




Jerkbaits : Fish shape jerkbait  with spinner bladeJigging Jerkbait-Lead fish LFCH007
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH007-40 40g/1.5oz


Metal jerkbaits : Jerkbait with spinner blade LFCH016
Lead fish jerkbait LFCH016
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH016-42 42g/1.5oz 9.2cm/3.6in
LFCH016-37 37g/1.3oz 8.7cm/3.4in

 Jerkbaits color pattern

Jerkbaits: Fish head jerkbait  with mylar skirtFish head jigging jerkbait with hair skirt
Code size
L215M 70g x 4.5in, hook 5/0
jerkbaits ; Lead fish jerkbait with spinner bladeJigging Jerkbait-Lead fish LAQZ100
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LAQZ100-30 30g/1.4oz 11.50cm/4.5in
LAQZ100-40 40g/1.5oz 12cm/4.7
LAQZ100-50 50g/1.8oz 12.5/5in
LAQZ100-60 60g/2.1oz 13.5/5.3in
color available

Jerkbaits : Lead fish jerkbait with spinner blade LFcH046
 Lead fish jerkbait LFCH046
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH046-40 40g/1.4oz


Jerkbaits : lead Fish jerkbait with spinner blade LFCH015
Lead fish jerkbait LFCH015
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH015-32 32g/1.2oz 7.7cm/3.0in
LFCH015-22 22g/0.8oz 6.5cm/2.6in


Jerkbaits : Brass body jerkbait with 2 adjustable position with teaser Brass body Rocking jerkbait withstainlessbelly wt
Code nos wt hook size length
LS58-9 9g 10# 5cm
LS58-12 12g 10# 5.5
LS58-5 5g 10# 4cm
jigging rig

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