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Osprey Jigging rods- Pg1 

Osprey Jigging rods  with our special spiral wrap blank.Jigging rods is able to handle torsional and high bending stess

Jigging rods for slow jigging or deep water. Jigging rods in 1 piece or with dismountable handle

Maker offers on wholesale helical spiral warp jigging rods in epoxy glass.
Osprey Jigging rods. Jigging rods with a helical spiral wrap blank

New Model spiral warp solid high carbon unbreakable jigging rods
Jigging rods with special spiral wrap construction blank.- Fuji guides
Code nos length Nos of sections Actions
RPHD16030-180 1.8m
dismountable handle 30
RPHD16030-200 2.0m
*Fuji X  strong guides.   Fittings :21carat tone gold plating. Pattern inlay on rod blank. Special spiral warp Carbon composite modular rod blank to withstand twist and side stress. 

Blue fin tuna jigigng rods- blank span warp construction
Code nos length Nos
of sections
RJ1175AB-XR 1.9m
Dismountable handle 15~40lb

Jigging rods action from 20~40lb, v guides
 Code Length  Ns section  close length  action 
6ft dismountable 4.0ft 20-40lb
Light Jigging boat.- layback guides

Jigging rods-carbon blank CW:150-250g-2sect
 Code Length  close length  action 
RG150250-240 8ft 1.2m
 or 5~8oz

New Spiral wrap solid carbon Jigging rods
Action 30-50lb/ 15~25kg
 Code Length  close action 
RYPE35-165 1.65m or

 Osprey fighting butt adaptor for fishing rods. Ideal for use on jigging and trolling rods  and heavy rods
ACK11: Fighting butt adaptor for

Spiral wrap blank Jigging rods..
Code nos length Nos of
RYWYP15-165/1525SW 1.65m dismountable  handle 15~25kg
Or 30lb~50lb
RYWYP15-180/1525SW 1.8mtr

1 section-Jigging rod with Special pattern blank
Code nos length Actions
RJ2030P-150P 1.5m/5.0ft 20~30lb
RJ2030P-165P 1.65m/5.5ft
Medium action jigging rods- dismountable handle
 Code Length Ext Close
RJ1175AB-190 1.9m

Special 7+1 guides
Carbon Jigging rods. 1 section
 Code Length  close
Line action
REJ24-701 7.0ft 2.1m

New Spiral wrap solid carbon jigging rods
Jigolo set: 2 blanks + 1 handle
Code nos length Nos
of sections
REJSVP35-200/2 1.71m
Dismountable handle 20~40lb & 30/50lb
Jigging rod set with 2 action  blanks.
Spiral wrap blank- closed to unbreakable


Spiral wrap solid carbon Jigging rods
Action 20-40lb/ 10~20kg
 Code Length  close action 
RYPE24-165 1.65m or
RYPE24/610-165 1.65m or
RYPE24-165T 1.65m or

Jigging rods with Trigger grip version  RYPE24-165T

Model : Osprey REJ series jigging rods.

 Type of rod: light to medium action Jigging rods.
 Rods action: available in 2 actions. 20-30lb  and 30-50lb test.
 Lure wt from 150-200gm. Material: composite carbon and epoxy


 Jigging rods
Blank—The blank is formed, using the span wrap construction. Instead of the standard rolled tube formation. Span wrap uses multiple ribbons strip of interlace carbon and epoxy clothes to form the blank. This construction will give the blank the ability to handle twisting stress and with a high reflects action.

Rod Butt:
Conical shape machined from stock aluminum alloy. The conical butt has a thrust bearing to allow it to free rotates around it axis. This will eliminate any twist on the gimbals’ belt, and reduce the strain on the angler’s forearm.
Handle grip
:  Molded to form a perfect palm grip.
Easy storage:
The blank is dismountable from the handle/reel seat. Rod tip: 50lb class comes with a large heavy duty roller guide.
 30lb class fitted with a heavy duty SIC standard guide. Intermediate guide: large lay back SIC guide

Osprey REJ jigging rods-Stand rod tip
Code nos length Nos
of sections
REJ5630 1.7m
/5ft 6in
dismounted  handle 20
REJ6030 1.83m
Osprey REJ jigging rods with  Roller rod tip
Code nos length Nos of sections Actions
REJ5650 1.7m
/5ft 6in
dismounted  handle 30

Jigging rod carbon blank-Dismount handle

  Length  close length  action 
RB720P 7ft 7.0ft 15-20lb
Light Jigging rods.


New Spiral wrap solid carbon Jigging rods
Action 15-25lb/7~11kg
 Code Length  close action 
RYPE10-200 2.0m or

New Spiral wrap solid carbon Jigging rods
Action 15-25kg /35lb ~55lb 
 Code Length  close action 
RYWYP15-165 1.65m or

Heavy action spining rod
Code nos Length Close Length


RSCAP1225-702 7.0ft 3.6ft PE1.2-1.5

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