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Osprey Jigging rods- Pg2 

Osprey Jigging rods with HD reelseat and Alu. gimbals.

Osprey spiral wrap Jigging rods. Jigging rods cast wt from 100g -1000gHelical  spiral wrap blank Jigging rods, to withstand deep bending.

Jigging rods with HD V guides with optional roller tip guide. Jigging rods in 1 piece or with dismountable handle

1 sect. carbon blank jigging rods - pattern blank.

 Code Length  close  action 
OR 30/55lb

Osprey carbon composite jigging rods. Jigging rods fitted with HD reel seat and Alu gimbals
2 section heavy action  jigging rods 

Code nos. Length
Close Length  Lure  WT
RGC31150c-802 8.0ft 6.6ft 150-300g
Reel seat colour available : red/blue/green/black/gunsmoke

Carbon Jigging rods. Dismountable  handle
 Code Length  close Line
RGJCE2030-602 6.0ft 1.24m
RGJCE2030-652 6.5ft 1.39m

Carbon Jigging rods. Dismountable  handle
 Code Length  close Line action
RGJ36122c-762 7.6ft 1.55m

Special spiral wrap blank  jigging rods.
Code nos length Nos of sections Actions
RJK62437 1.8m/6.0ft 1 24kg/37kg Or 50/80lb

Jigging rods blank coated with special pattern
 Code Length  close Actions
RGJ2040-172 5.6ft 5.6ft 20-40lb
RGJ2040-180 6.0ft 6.0ft


2sect. Jigging rods

 Code Length  close action 
RJ259255 8.2ft 4.4ft 20~30lb

Carbon Jigging rods. Dismountable  handle
 Code Length  close Line action
RGJ36110c-602 6.0ft 1.22m

Carbon Jigging rods. Dismountable at handle
 Code Length  close Cast wt
RGJ36117c-562 5.6ft 1.18m/3.9ft 100-200g
RGJ36117c-602 6.0ft 1.3m/4.3ft
RGJ36117c-662 6.6ft 1.38m/4.5ft
RGJ36117c-702 7.0ft 1.5m/4.9ft
Jigging boat rods-dismountable handle CW:80-150g
 Code Length  close action 
RJIP2040-56 5.5ft 5.5ft 100-150
RJIP2040-60 6ft 3.7ft
RJIP3050-66 6.6ft 4.2ft 80-100
RJIP3050-70 7.0ft 4.6ft

Carbon Jigging rods with 2 blanks.
Jigging rods set comes with 2 difference rod length
Code length Action closed length
REJSV552030-2 5.5ft 20~30lb 1.15m/3.8ft
REJSV602030-2 6ft 1.3m/4.3ft
REJSV652030-2 6.5ft 1.45m/4.8ft
REJSV553050-2 5.5ft 30~50lb 1.15m/3.8ft
REJSV603050-3 6ft 1.3m/4.3ft
REJSV653050-4 6.5ft 1.45m/4.8ft

Carbon Jigging rods. -1section
 Code Length  close Line action
RGJ36113c-18315 6.0ft 1.85m/6.0ft 30lbs
RGJ36113c-18324 6.0ft 1.85m/6.0ft 50lbs
RGJ36113c-21015 7.0ft 2.1m/7ft 30lbs
RGJ36113c-21024 7.0ft 2.1m/7ft 50lbs
These beauty was landed with rod from this series (photo with compliment from Osprey outdoors Western Australia)

Carbon Jigging rods. Dismountable handle
 Code Length  close Lure Wt
RGJ36119c-602 6.0ft 1.3m

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