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Osprey Jigging rods- Pg3 

Jigging rods with HD reel seat and gimbal. Jigging rods with HD SS frame V or layback guides

Osprey's rigging rods from 5-6.5ft. Jigging rods stiffness from 10-300g

Osprey E-glass jigging rods with alu. reelseat and alu gimbal
Maker offers on wholesale carbon and epoxy glass jigging rods

1 sect. carbon blank jigging rods- blank coated with special pattern
 Code Length  close action 
RJ2030-165p 5.4ft/1.65m 5.4ft 20
RJ2030-180p 6.0ft/1.8m 6.0ft

Single Carbon Jigging rods
 Code Length  close length  Line action
RGJ36135c-761 7.6ft 2.3m/

Solid glass Jigging rods. 1 section
 Code Length  close Line action
RFJ36125c-701 7.6ft 2.15m
30-50lbs Or 150-250g

Osprey jigging rods. 30lb class Jigging rods-  jig wt 200g
Single section Carbon Jigging rods

 Code Length  close Line action
RGJ36135c-701 7.6ft 2.3m/7.6ft 30lbs/200g

1 section Carbon Jigging rods.
 Code Length  close Line action
RGJ36124c-701 7.0ft 2.14m
20-30lbs Or 80-150g

Single section Carbon Jigging rods.lure wt 100-200g
 Code Length  close length  Line action
RGJ36129c-18506 6.0ft 1.38m
RGJ36129c-18510 6.0ft 1.38
RGJ36129c-18515 6.0ft 1.38

Single section carbon Jigging rods.-100/150g
 Code Length  close Line action
RGJ36176c-581 5.8ft 1.75m


1sect Dismountable handle Jigging rods
 Code Length  close action 
RBC702 7ft 1.5m/4.9ft 100-150g or 3.5~5oz

Carbon Jigging rods with dismountable handle
 Code Length  close length  Cast wt
RGJ36179-180150 6.0ft 1.3m
RGJ36179-180400 6.0ft 1.3m

1 section carbon Jigging rods.
 Code Length  close  Cast wt
RGJ36132c-581 5.8ft 1.72m
RGJ36132c-661 6.6ft 2m

1 section Carbon Jigging rods
 Code Length  close Line action
RGJ36173c-561 5.6ft 1.67m

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