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Osprey Fishing tackle :Jig heads. :Pin ball, fish head and wedge head.
Special Jig head using glow stick as the eyes.  For non lead Jig heads click this link

Pin ball Jig head
Glow in the dark jig heads

TA1202-7 pin ball jig head packing  7g-Pinhead Jig hook
TA1202-11 11g-Pinhead Jig hook
TA1202-14 14g-Pinhead Jig hook
TA1202-18 18g-Pinhead Jig hook
TA1202-21 21g-Pinhead Jig hook
TA1202-25 25g-Pinhead Jig hook
TA1202-30 30g-Pinhead Jig hook
TA1202-50 50g-Pinhead Jig hook
TA1202-70 70g-Pinhead Jig hook
TA1202-100 100g-Pinhead Jig hook
 glow in the dark Jighead

 jig head for ice fishingTungsten jig head

Code Wt Hook size
TAJ0814 0.8g #14
TAJ0416 0.4g #16
TAJ1512 1.5g #12

 For non lead Jig heads click this link

Jig head with crack light as the eyes
Code nos


TAG5 5g x hook 1/0  Jig head packed in alu foil
TAG7 7g x hook 1/0
TAG10 10g x hook 3/0
TAG14 14g x hook 3/0

jig head
Chopper shape jig head

Code Items
TA1203-4 4g-Chopper head Jig hook
TA1203-7 7g-Chopper head Jig hook
TA1203-11 11g-Chopper head Jig hook
TA1203-14 14g-Chopper head Jig hook
TA1203-18 18g-Chopper head Jig hook
TA1203-21 21g-Chopper head Jig hook
TA1203-25 25g-Chopper head Jig hook
TA1203-30 30g-Chopper head Jig hook

Jig head - fish shape V2- with laser film inlay
Code Items
TA1206-4.7 4.7g-Fish head Jig hook
TA1206-6.3 6.3g-Fish head Jig hook
TA1206-9.5 9.5g-Fish head Jig hook
TA1206-13 13g-Fish head Jig hook

Jig head for jigging - deep water
Code nos


TA98-56 56g/2.0oz x hook 7/0
TA98-114 114g/4.0oz x hook 10/0
TA98-170 170g/6.0oz x hook 12/0
TA98-226 226g/8oz x hook 14/0
TA98-283 283g/10.0oz x hook 16/0
TA98-340 340g/12.0oz x hook 18/0
TA98-450 450g/16.0oz x hook 22/0
TA98-680 680g/24.0oz x hook 26/0



TAF70-30 30g-Fish head Jig hook #4/0, with double anchor points
TAF780-21 21g-Fish head Jig hook #1/0, with double anchor points

Fish shape Jig head



TA1201-16 16g-Fish head Jig hook
TA1201-22 22g-Fish head Jig hook
TA1201-28 38g-Fish head Jig hook
TA1201-45 45g-Fish head Jig hook

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