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Extra large size spinning reel for jigging /popping or surf casting.-Pg6

Extra large spinning  reel with HD duty bale arm. Extra large spinning reel with dynamic balance spool.
Stainless bb on all extra large spinning reel.
Osprey extra large spinning reel. 2 speed spinning reel

Heavy duty spinning reel
Large size spinning reel
Fully Alu. alloy frame, Extra large Spinning reel with Stainless gears and pinion-5+1bb.. Gear ratio" 4.3:1
Code NO Line capacity
RCP9000-A5 30lb/320yd, 35lb/275yd, 40lb/230yd
RCP10000-A5 30lb/355yd, 35lb/310yd, 40lb/265yd

Extra large spinning reel with Full Alu. alloy frame,Stainless gears and pinion-12+1bb.
Code NO Line capacity  Gear ratio
RSEA15000 20lb/380yd, 30lb/280yd 4.1:1
RSEA20000 20lb/460yd, 30lb/320yd
Extra large Spinning reel with special anti line jam ring. Multi disc drag system. Gear ratio: 4.1:1
Code Spool capacity mm/mtr Spool Capacity
RE8000A7-#80 0.40/330, 0.45/260, 0.50/210


RE9000A7-#90 0.45/300, 0.50/240, 0.55/200


RE10000A7-#100 0.55/270, 0.58/230, 0.60/190


Nos of bb from 7 to 12,stainless main shaft,
worm drive system.Anti reverse clutch fitted.
Alu handle with large knob
Extra large Spinning reel front drag
9bb, anti reverse, alu spool, , alu handle
Code nos Gear ratio Spool capacity-mm/m


RKN2-7000A9 4.2:1 0.40/240, 0.45/190, 0.50/160 15/260,
RKN2-8000A9 4.2:1 0.47/235, 0.52/195, 0.57/160 30/256,
RKN2-10000A9 4.2:1 0.47/285, 0.52/235, 0.57/195, 30/310,
Anti reverse  bearing, alu spool, optional
Aluminium handle grip, Color :Peal White/black/gunsmoke


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Extra large Spinning reel for OCEAN fishing- Jigging/popping. ALL Stainless components.
Stainless gearing and bearing:  Nos of BB 7+1
Code NO Line capacity  Gear ratio
RTA6000 50lb/360yd, 65lb/270yd
0.35/330m,  0.40/250m

65lb/360yd, 80lb/300yd
0.35/430m, 0.40/330m

Forged aluminum body spinning reel.
Specail features: this reel can be converted to a twin handle reels: ideal when changing one tired arm to another when fighting a big fish.
Osprey extra large Spinning reels for ocean fishing- full aluminum body with stainless bearing and gearing . 30kg drag force

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