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Single and Multi fold lure bags. Trolling lure bag.
Jigging jig keeper bag.-Pg5

AC1841  Semi hard  rigid  PVC  bag. Pouch can accept lures up to 6in in length

 lure bag
 AC1950 : 19in x 5in
AC1965: 19in x 6.5in

 Netting trolling lure bags PK26127Code: PK26127
lure Bag with netting as backing, front heavy gauge clear PVC,10.5in x 40inX 5 SLOT



Dimension:25.0 x 14.5in
Lure bags 8 slots


Netting trolling lure bags PK3030


Dimension:11.8 x 11.8in
Lure bags 1 slots




Trolling and jigging lure bags
 Bags comes with 15 tubes to keep trolling and jigging lures.
Tubes can accommodate lures up to 9-10in in length.
bag size:  Height: 26cm or 10.2in/ width : 23cm or 9in

Triangle teaser bar bag only  SB10039Netting trolling lure bags sb10039 

Netting trolling lure bags PK118

PK15: 11.8in x 30.7in

PK5: 19.7in x 42in
5 pockets



 Netting trolling lure bags PK3537Model:PK3537-1
Width: 35cm/13.8in
 4 compartments-
Lure bags




 Netting trolling lure bags PK32245AC32245
Dimension:12.5 x 10in
Lure bags 2 slots

Carrier bag with 6 tackle boxes 

Code:PK3772 Netting trolling lure bags PK3772


Lure Bag with netting as backing, front heavy gauge clear PVC,
14.5in x 29in x 4 slots

Netting trolling lure bags PK10739


42 x 15in
6 slots

Or AC10534         42in x 13.5in 

 Netting trolling lure bags PK2627Model:PK2627-1
Width: 26cm/10.2in
 single compartment





 Dimension:13in x 10.5,   
Lure bags 5 slots

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