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Osprey Hydraulically compressed micro jig for zero porosity.
Rigid Dense hard Micro jig with a fine smooth surface finish.-Pg6B

Tin-Lead alloy micro jig - resist denting and bending.
Hydraulically compressed Micro
Jig with Treble coats of hard epoxy clear finish to prevent damaging the laser film from fish bites.
Micro jig in either fast diving / flapping /rocking dive mode.  Micro jig with tandem assist hooks. Micro jig from 30 g to 200g 
Hydraulically compressed forged micro jig is able to withstand very rough handling. 

Osprey micro jigs : Super hard Hydraulically compressed micro jig.Tin lead alloy Micro jig LFDA
Code no Wt Length
LFDA75-30 30g 7.5cm
LFDA75-60 60g 9.0cm
LFDA75-80 80g 9.5cm
LFDA75-100 100g 11.0cm
LFDA75-150 150g 12.5cm
LFDA75-200 200g 13.8cm

Micro jig with a concave body rotates around its axis when diving. Fast diving micro jig Tornado micro jigs with it's Concave Body  has a high rotation action around it's axis when diving

Code Wt-gm Length-cm/in
LFF072-100 100g 13cm/5.1in
LFF072-170 170g 16cm/6.3in

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 Patterns for ALL Micro jigs LPK series
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Patterns for all LPK Micro jigs series

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