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Osprey mini spinning reel . Mini spinning reel with 1-6BB

 Mini spinning reel fitted with and without anti reverse clutch. Compact light weight mini spinning  reel.


Mini spinning reel Gear ratio: 5.1:1-- 3-5bb
Size Spool capacity mm/mtr

Spool Capacity lb/yd

RTW100 0.15/190,0.18/180,0.20/125, 4/210,5/170,6/135
RTW150 0.20/150,0.22/120,0.25/100. 6/150,8/120,10/100.

Osprey mini spinning reel- tw Low profile Ideal for ice fishing 3bb-5bb
osprey mini fishing reel with alu spool

Mini spinning reel  Gear rato: 5.2:1
Size  capacity
LR10A1  4lb/180yd,6lb/150yd,8lb/120yd



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Mini spinning reel. Spinning reel with alu spool
Mini spinning reel  Gear rato: 5.2:1
Size Gear ratio  capacity
RGG10A3 5.2:1  4lb/180yd,6lb/150yd,8lb/120yd

Alu spool, instant stop /anti reverse clutch
toggle close handle, wooden knob

Rear drag mini spinning reel to suit  our pen rods
Alu spool, flick action alu handle.+PVC knob
Code no  capacity mm/mtr


 MX15PA 0.12mm/100m, 0.15/80mm 2lb/140, 4lb/70yd
osprey mini spinning reel for Pen fishing rods 


Mini spinning reel  Gear rato: 5.2:1.Rear drag
Code capacity mm/mtr lb/yd
RZR05 0.12mm/100m, 0.15/80mm 2lb/140, 4lb/70yd
Osprey rear drag mini spinning reel

mini spinning reel rear drag rz05




Alu spool+wood knob  RZR05A3P(alu spool +PLASTIC KNOB)    RZR05A3W( ALU SPOOL+ WOODEN KNOB)  
Std model RZ05 

Mini castng reel  Gear ratio :3.2;1
Size Spool capacity mm/mtr

Spool Capacity lb/yd


0.18/200,0.23/125,0.28/85 6lb/250,  8lb/200yd
1 anti reverse bearing.-- instant stop. color options: red/gunsmoke/ blue/ black/champagne/ silver/gold/.
 Overall dim: 40mm dia x 50mm long (1.6in dia x 2in)


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