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Osprey Range of Mono lines,Fluorocarbon lines and leader lines.
Super thin high strength 8 strands braided lines.

Braided lines in fluro yelow or with difference color bands at every 10mts interval.
PE braided lines in 100mtrs continous spools or in 500mtrs spool. Braided lines from 27 to 200lbs. 
Mono lines from NT200 to NT300. Abrasion resistance mono lines. Mono lines in 5 colors tone
Zeo memory and non stretch braided lines. Braided lines in high compact 8 strands braiding.
Mono shock leader line and Fluorocarbon leader lines

 Osprey Fishing lines-mono lines in various color. Mono line from 5 lb to 60lb  test
Fishing lines-Mono lines in 100/200/300mtr spools
Standard grade mono lines NT200
NT200-18 NT200-20 200-22 200-25 200-28 TL200-30 TL200-35 TL200-40 TL200-45 TL200-50 TL200-60
0.18mm 0.20mm 0.23mm 0.26mm 0.28mm 0.30mm 0.37mm 0.40mm 0.45mm 0.50mm 0.60mm
1.74kg 2.2kg 2.9kg 3.6kg 4.2kg 4.9kg 6.9kg 8.2kg 10.4kg 11.7 16.1
3.9lb 4.9lb 6.5lb 8.0lb 9.5lb 11.0lb 15.5lb 18.4lb 22lb 26.2lb 36.1lb
 Osprey Fishing lines NT300 mono lines. High strength mono lines
Fishing lines Premium grade mono lines NT300
300-15 300-18 300-20 300-22 300-25 300-28 300-30 300-35 300-40 300-45 300-50 300-60
0.15mm 0.1.8mm 0.20mm 0.23mm 0.26mm 0.28mm 0.30mm 0.37mm 0.40mm 0.44mm 0.50mm 0.62mm
1.4kg 2.1kg 2.7kg 3.5kg 4.4kg 5.2kg 5.9kg 8.3kg 9.8kg 11.4kg 14.5kg 17.9kg
3.1lb 4.7lb 5.9lb 7.8lb 9.7lb 11.5lb 13.3lb 18.6lb 22.0lb 25.5lb 32.4lb 40.0lb
 osprey abrasion resistance mono lines. Mono lines with low memory and having a tough coat to withstand abrasion.

Premium grade abrasion resistance mono lines

TL911-15 TL911-18 911-20 911-22 911-25 TL911-28 TL911-30 TL911-35 TL911-40 TL911-45 TL911-50 TL911-60
0.15mm 0.18mm 0.20mm 0.23mm 0.26mm 0.28mm 0.31mm 0.37mm 0.41mm 0.45mm 0.50mm 0.60mm
1.5kg 2.2kg 2.8kg 3.6kg 4.4kg 5.4kg 6.0kg 8.4kg 10.2kg 12.8kg 14.7kg 20kg
3.4lb 4.9lb 6.3lb 8.0lb 9.9lb 12.1lb 13.4lb 12.8lb 22.9lb 28.7lb 33lb 44.8lb

 Fishing lines- Braided lines x 8 strand

-8 strands
test load-lb test load-kg 8 strand-
TBL20x020 24 11 0.2
TBL25x023 31 14 0.23
TBL28x028 35 16 0.28
TBL30x030 40 18 0.3
TBL33x033 44 20 0.33
TBL35x037 48 22 0.34
TBL40x040 53 24 0.40
TBL45x045 70 32 0.45
TBL48x048 88 40 0.48
TBL52x052 106 48 0.52
TBL55x057 123 56 0.57
TBL60x064 141 64 0.64
Note rating is based on AVG break load


High strength abrasion resistance Leader line

Shock leader has the ability to absorb shock
load during a strike, preventing the main line from breaking.

 Super soft very low memory Shock leader line 
TLML60  -40lb  x 50m TLML80  -80lb x 50m 
TLML60  -60lb  x 50m TLML120-120lb X 50m
TLML100-100lb X 50M TLML150-150lb X 50m

Braided lines In spool of 500mtr/1000mtr in one single colour
or with colour band (10mtrs /color)

Osprey 8 strand braided line with color band. Braid line with difference color every 10mtr Braided lines in spool of 100mtr/spool
and connected in
continuous length into 10spools

Braided lines in one single colour
or with colour band (10mtrs /color)

Osprey Fluorocarbon leader line. Fluorocarbon leader line available in clear or pink from 20lb to 100lb 
FLUORO CARBON  leader line-/50mtr/spool
TFL50-15  -15lb  x 50m TFL50-50- 50lb X 50m
TFL50-20  -20lb  x 50m TFL50-60-60lb X 50m
TFL50-25- 25lb X 50m TFL50-80-80lb x 50m
TFL50-30-30lb X 50m TFL50-100-100lb x 50m
TFL50-40  -40lb x 50m 

Osprey PE braided lines. 8 strands braided lines from 0.2 to 0.6mm

Osprey PE braided lines  color chart.
Braided line available in the following colors.

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