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Boilies with Fruit scents. Boilies with worm and other marine life scents.

  • Pop up Boilies from 8mm to 14mm

  • Pop up Boilies in the shape of corn seed.

  • Pop up boilies make from EPS foam - tough enough for repeat hooking.

  • Scents on boilies last through the life of the boilies.

  • Osprey pop up boilies. Boiles in various color from red , yellow, white and green

Opsrey EPS boilies. Boilies from 8mm to 14mm 
Pop up Boilies Made from EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)
Code: Size Pakcing
TAB8B 8mm- 5/16nin 50pc/box
TAB10B 10mm- 3/8in 30pc/box
TAB12B 12cm- 1/2in 30pc/box
TAB14B 14mm- 9/16in 20pc/box
TAB10N 10mm- 3/8on 100pc/box
Osprey pop up boilies. Floating pop up boilies without scent  
Osprey pop up scented  boilies. Boilies in clampshell pack
Pop up Boilies Made from EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)
Code: Size Pakcing
TAB8P 8mm- 5/16nin 20pc/pk
TAB10P 10mm- 3/8in 15pc/pk
TAB12P 12mm- 1/2in 15pc/pk
TAB14B 14mm- 9/16in 12pc/pk
TAB1210P 12mm- corn 20pc/pk

Chump socks to powder bait working inconjuction with boilies
Osprey powder bait chump bag. Chump bag for carp fishing  
Available in 3 size : 45x95mm
40mmx 70mm and  35x60mm

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