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Insulation sleeve for rod handle. Prevent electric shock.
Pe sleeve is ideal for repairing damage handle grip. Pg6

Osprey Wonder rod insulation Sleeves 

  • Prevent possible electric shock when  fishing in the rain.
  • Rod beautifier
  • Up grade worn down rod handle grip.
  • Insulation cover for steel conduit
  • Decorative cover for tuber object. 

    wonder sleeve to insulate rods against electric shock rod sleeve for rod handle in varous color

    Pe wonder sleeve for fishing rod and tube. prevent electric shock.
    Code NOS Nominal diameter
    max diameter sleeve can accept
    Sleeve thickness before shrinkage Smallest possible
    diameter after shrinkage
    Sleeve thickness AFTER shrinkage
    PE20 20mm-3/4in 0.50mm,+/-0.15mm 11mm 0.9mm. +/-0.15mm
    PE22 22mm-7/8in 12mm
    PE25 25mm-1in 14.5mm 1.0mm,+/-0.15mm
    PE28 28mm-1.1/8in 15.5mm
    PE30 30mm-1.3/16in 0.6mm,+/-0.15mm 17.5mm 1.2mm,+/-0.15mm
    PE35 35mm-1.3/8in 21mm
    PE40 40mm--1.9/16in 23mm
    PE45 45mm--1.3/4in 0.65mm,+/-0.15mm 25mm 1.25mm,+/-0.15mm
    PE50 50mm--2in 28mm
    Color:  Red, yellow, Black, green, clear/transparent.
    max. length available: 1.6mtr/5.2ft
    also available in  pre cut customised length

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