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Bait compressor for powder bait.
Pellet maker extrudes a hard slow release powder bait pellet.-Pg5

  • Handy tools to convert  your loose powder bait into a hard solid pellet.
  • once the powder pellet is set it will be hard and solid.
  • Ideal as a slow release bait spreader.bait pellet
  • Pellet diameter when 
    formed is 50mm dia or 2.0in
    length of pallet : depends on the
    amount of powder inserted into the chamber : Max possible pellet length,if chamber is filled to the brim  is 2.5in




Model ACB95

Made from machined aluminium alloy.
length; 95cm  dia. meter of chamber
ACB95-38- finished pellet dia.38mm
ACB95-54: finished pellet dia:54mm 


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