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Soft plastic/gel swimbaits . Perch swimbaits in 4 difference confriguration. Swimbaits with curly tail, split body, +diving lip.-Pg5

  • Durable soft plastic perch swimbaits. Life like swim action perch swimbaits.  Sinking Swimbaits with weight belly. 
    Soft plastic perch swimbaits with a highly elastic body. Soft plastic swimbaits on wholesale in display or bulk pack.

 Osprey soft plastic Swimbaits- perch swimbaits with a long curly tail  Full body perch swimbaits with a large curly tail:
Teaser tail when in motion.
Code Length Wt Hook Size
10385-17 17.5cm/6.9in 110g/4.3oz 3/0
10385-21 21cm/8.3in 162g/6.4oz 5/0
10385-28 28cm/11.0in 396g/15.6oz 7/0
osprey swimbaits: perch swimbaits LWX5550 series from 3-5in
soft plastic perch sinking swimbaits
Code Length
LWX5550-80 80m/3in x 12.3g,Hook:1/0
LWX5550-100 100m/4in x 29.5g,Hook:3/0
LWX5550-120 120m/5in x 33.0g, ,Hook:4/0


Serrated body Perch swimbaits -when dogging lower body wiggles in a perfect swim action.
Code Length Wt Hook Size
10294 25cm/10in 178g/6.4oz 5/0
Serrated body Perch swimbaits with lip - a wobbling up and down swim action

Osprey soft plastic Swimbaits -  perch swimbaits with a diving lip
Serrated body perch swimbaits with diving lip.
Stainless steel lip
Code Length Wt Hook Size
LS10269-4.5 4.5cm/1.8in 2g/0.1oz #8
LS10269-7.5 7.5cm/3.0in 8g/0.3oz #2
LS10269-10 10cm/4.0in 22g/0.8oz #1/0
LS10269-14 14cm/5.5in 54/1.9oz #4/0
 Osprey soft plastic Swimbaits- perch swimbaits color 3 Osprey soft plastic Swimbaits- perch swimbaits color 5 
Osprey soft plastic Swimbaits- perch swimbaits color 2

Osprey soft plastic swimbaits. Perch swimbaits LWX5553 series from 2-5 in
soft plastic perch swimbaits- sinking swim action
Code Length
LWX5553/64 64mm/2in x 8.0g,Hook:#1
LWX5553/86 86m/3in x 18.0g,Hook:1/0
LWX5553/120 120m/5in x 29.0g, ,Hook:4/0

Soft plastic Perch swimbaits with Plastic lip
Code Length Wt Hook Size
LS10194-10 10cm/4in 32g/1.1z #28
LS10194-12 12cm/4.7in 34g/1.2oz #27
LS10194-16 16cm/6.3in 74g/2.6oz #24
LS10194-20 20cm/7.9in 138/4.9oz #24
 Osprey soft plastic Swimbaits- perch swimbait 10293  Full body Perch soft plastic swimbaits
with a shad tail.
Code Length Wt Hook Size
10293-17 17.5cm/7in 104g/3.8oz 3/0
10293-25 25cm/10in 210g/7.5oz 5/0
10293-28 28cm/11in 380g/13.6oz 7/0
The broad shad trail, causes the body to wiggle when perch is being retrieved back. When line tension is being released the perch will sinks down head first and the water waves generated will cause the tail to wiggles
Opsrey soft plastic swimbaits. perch swimbaits LWX5551
Soft plastic swimbaits- sinking swimbaits
Code Length
LWX5551-60 60m/2in x 7.0g,Hook #1
LWX5551-80 80m/3in x 14.40g,Hook 1/0
LWX5551-100 100m/4in x 28.5g, Hook 3/0
LWX5551-110 110m/5in x 29.5g, Hook 3/0
LWX5551-130 130m/5.5in x 39.5g, Hook 4/0
LWX5551-150 150m/5in x 66.0g, Hook 5/0
Osprey soft plastic swimbaits : Bait fish Swimbaits with eco friendly tin alloy stabliser.
soft plastic swimbaits -bait fish
Code Length/Wt
LWX9513 9.5cm/3.7in with double hook. and weighted with tin alloy insert
Color pattern for 10294 & 10293 soft plastic swimbaits
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Color patterns for 10194 Perch swimbaits
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