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Soft plastic swimbaits. Swimbaits with a high sway action shad tail.
Pike swimbaits -Pg2

  • Durable soft plastic swimbaits.
  • Life like swim action swimbaits.
  • Soft plastic swimbaits with a highly elastic body.
  • through wire system swimbaits
Osprey soft plastic pike swimbaits. Pike soft body swimbaits from 2-6in
Pike-Swimbaits full body through wire system
Code  Length
LWX5562-80 8cm/3.0in, double hook- 1/0jig + treble, wt:12g
LWX5562-100 10cm/4.0in, double hook- 3/0jig + treble, wt:14.5g
LWX5562-120 12cm/5.0in, double hook- 4/0jig + treble, wt:26.5g
LWX5562-140 14cm/6.0in, double hook- 5/0jig + treble, wt:34.8g



Osprey soft plastic Pike Swimbaits. Swimbaits with a serrated body with a through wire system.
Serrated body Pike swimbaits through wire system
code  Length
LSF10264-30  30cm/12in,   246g, hook  2 x 7/0
LSF10264-25  25cm/10in,  103g   hook 2 x 5/0
LSF10264-20   20cm/7.8in , 70g,  hook  2 x 3/0
LSF10264-15   15cm/6in,   32g,    hook 2 x 1/0
Osprey soft plastic swimbaitw: Pike swimbaits with a trailing hook 
 swimbaits packing detail- clamshell packing
Pike rig #10474
 Overall length:22cm/8.6in
 Tail length:19cm/7.5in
 Fitted with 2 hooks
 #1 and #6/0 treble on a wire tracer line.
Color patterns for 10170 Pike swimbaits
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Color pattern for 10264 Pike swimbait
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