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Premium squid skirts with UV and glow in the dark Pigment. Pg1
Squid skirts in more than 400 patterns. Squid skirts for trolling lures

  • Osprey Squid skirts using TSR resin +UV.
  • Osprey Squid with UV pigment  creates a special colour effect when in water.
  • Osprey squid using TSR mix, improved  the durability ( will not becomes brittle) when exposed to sun light over  a period of time
  • Squid skirt is available in 400 color patterns.
  • Squid skirts from 2.5in to 16in.
    Squid skirts packing
 Premium quality squid skirts: PVC TSR mix  with UV additive to create a special effect under water
Osprey Squid skirts with UV has a special radiance color effect under sunlight
Series A type -- Straight squid skirts
skirt  inner
neck dimension
neck dia
4.5 8mm
6.5 12mm
7.5 13mm
8.5 14mm
10 17.5mm
12 18.5mm
14 20.5mm
16 29mm
 Premium quality  UV squid skirts for trolling lure  
Squid skirts
from 16" --2.5"
Code No-length LOA20016-4.5 in LOA20022-7.5 in LOA20109-12in
LOA20012-2.5 in LOA20018-5.5 in LOA20024-8.5 in LOA20110/14-14in
LOA20014-3.5 in LOA20020-6.5 in LOA20027-10 in LOA20110/16-16in

Squid skirts-Total nos of patterns available 1930- click link to view

Patterns 1-78 Patterns 79-157 Patterns 158-631 Patterns 632-1930

Squid Skirts is also available with laser plating
New plating pattern can be combined with any of the above color to create
 an unique range new plating color -click to view

Osprey laser film for plating on squid skirts. Osprey squid skirts available with heat sealed laser filmOsprey squid skirts with heat plated laser film .Radiance color tone
Wavvy squid skirts

Wavy squid skirts with UV pigment

Code nos Length -in Throat dia(inner)
LOA20014WV 3.5 6mm
LOA20016WV 4.5 8.5mm
LOA20018WV 5.5 10mm
LOA20020WV 6.5 12mm
LOA20022WV 7.5 13mm
LOA20024WV 8.5 14mm
LOA20027WV 10 16mm
LOA20109WV 12.0 17.5mm
LOA20110WV 14.0 22mm
LOA20110WV-16 16.0 29mm

Special double/treble layer squid skirts
Osprey treble layer squid skirts. Skirt set using 3 squid skirts to combine into a setLOA20020-3

 Squid skirts- combined into a set of treble skirts
 Outer layer skirt: 6.5in
 intermediate skirts:6in
 inner skirts:6in
 color patterns : use skirt color chart.

Special squid skirts MINI series
 Osprey mini squid skirts 1.5 to 2in

pattterns  shown below is only an example ,for other patterns click on link  this link

Insert for mini squid skirts

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