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Propeller head trolling lure.
Propeller head Trolling lure with rotating wane.-Pg6

 Osprey Propeller head trolling lure. Propeller head trolling lures fitted with either mylar/hair or squid skirt. Propeller head trolling lures comes in 3 head size.Propeller head Trolling lures fitted with Mylar or Silicone skirts
Head: brass with a rotating propeller on full ball race.
length: 8in-14inch
Propeller generates wave and water turbulence.
Skirt Mylar:

When ordering indicate colour no



  mylar skirt for osprey propeller  head trolling lures. Mylar strip in various patterns

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Propeller head trolling lures, available with squid/ hair/mylar skirts


Head_size Head_Wt  Length overall
L200D28 51mm/2.0in, 45g


L200D29 55mm/2.1in 69g 7.0in
L200D30 61mm/2.5in 90g 9.0in

Shirt color or pattern shown is only an example, All these trolling lures's skirt can be changed to suit your requirment. Note that all these lures
uses 2 layers of skirts. Color combination can be selected From this pattern range- click to view



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