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Clear PVC tube and casing for fishing rods.
Rod carrier tube prevents rod breakage during transit.-Pg6A

Round clear Rigid PVC tube diameter ranging from Diameter: :11/16/20/25/30/38/42/50/62/75/83mm
 OR 0.5in/0.75/1.0/1.2/1.5/1.7/2/2.5/3/3.3in
small diameter as lure display tube. Large diameter as rod case.
End cap available in black/ white/ grey/ red.

Oval shape tube:ideal as rod case.
35x50 /40x60/45x75 /50x70/ 50x85
/ 60x100mm
1.4x2in/ 1.6x2.4in/ 1.8x3in/ 2x2.8in /2x3.3/ 2.4x4in. 

Rectangular casing:
Dimension:35x50/ 35x55/ 40x60/ 45x65/ 50x70 / 60x80mm
OR1.4x2in/ 1.4x2.2in /1.6x2.4in
1.7x2.6in/ 2x2.8in/ 2.4x3.2in 

6 sided polygon
38 x 50mm  / 48 x 60mm
1.5in x 2in / 1.9in x 2.4in

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