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Osprey trolling lures with osyter shell inlay.
Super hard poly head trolling lure with color pattern inlay. Pg1

Trolling lures with laminated color head

Code no Head_size Overall length+skirt
Harponvex-L3L201Y5A 36*84 12"
Harponite4-L3L201Y4L 32*65 10"
Harponite6-L3L201Y6L 36*68 12"
Harponjet-L3L201Y2L 34*58 12"
Trolling lures-Note surffix (L)- laser film inlay. (A)= abalone shell inlay
Osprey trolling lures : Trolling lures with 3 color band laminated  head. Trolling lures with a super hard head

Trolling lures-16in overall length with double skirt --MIRROR INLAY 
 LO201A51MR 1)Trolling lures available rig or unrigged.
2) skirt patterns can be
customised to your preferred patterns combination.
Trolling lures with mirrow inlay head. Highly reflectiveTrolling lures from 6-12inj


Osprey Trolling lures : Trolling lures with laminated color band. Trolling lures with a Super hard head.
2-3 color laminated head Trolling lures

Code Nos Head_length  Overall length.
LR201F1 50mm/2in  10.5in
Trolling lures head  color selection can be customised to suit

Oyster shell inlay head trolling lures -L201A63S
osprey trolling lures : Trolling lures fitted with a super head Clear Poly carbonate head. Trolling lure with a mirror finish head
Outer skirt can with
 Laser plating ( click this link
to view range of laser film plated skirt)

Total nos of sub pages on Resin head trolling lures
Pg1 Pg2 Pg3 Pg4 Pg5 Pg5B Pg6 Pg7
 Pg8  Pg9  Pg10 Brass jet head
Poly carbonate TINTED head-trolling lures- laser insert
private label eye available available for this model
Code Head_size Head_Wt  Length overall  Remarks
L201A63 80mm/3.1in 140g/5.0oz

13in or 14in

Flat/wavy skirt
L201A63S 80mm/3.1in 150g/5.4oz

13in or 14in

Oyster shell inlay
L201A63T 80mm/3.1in 140g/5.0oz

13in or 14in

Round skirt
Trolling lures head can be tinted to any colour to suit skirt color
 Osprey trolling lures : Trolling lures fitted with a super hard Poly carbonate head

Osprey trolling lures : Trolling lures  with abalone shell inlay within the head
Trolling lures with round thread skirt
 Model NO: L201A63T



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