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Boat rod holder. Rod pod for bite alarm. Rod pods for surf fishing.
Telescopic aluminium rod pods with rocker rod rest.

 Model ACFH061
 3 rod holder set
 Pitch/distance between rod:7in
 Overall frame length:16.2in

 Holder tilt angle in steps of 5deg
 Material: Tough and durable ABS.
Sets comes with screws and support base to
attach to Boat.

Model ACFH062
Stand alone rod holder
supplied with with rod base and screws to fit on to boat.
Length of holder: 9.5in and diameter 1.4in
Holder tube dia. designed to accommodate  big game rod handle.
Holder tilt angle in steps of 5 degs. 

Model ACFH058

4 rod holder set in an Aluminum frame.
Pitch or distance between each holder:5in
Length of tube: 10.8in.
Protective vinyl cap to protect rods.
Tube diameter: 45mm/1.8in( large enough
to for all Big game rod.)

Rod support for 3-5 rods ,
a) as standard rod pod with y support on
 both support arms OR
b) As a support stand for use with Bite indicators.
 Support arm socket threaded to received 10mm stud
from bite indicators
, AC100403/5
MAX Extend distance between legs/supports :1.5m/5ft
close distance between support:1,:3ft.
Also available with 4 and 5 support head


Model AC73119-4SH: 2 sections tripod stand
ext height: 1.19m/4ft, close height:29in

  AC53118-4SH : 3 sections tripod stand ext height:1.18m/3.9ft, close height:53cm/21in
Stands available with 4 sets of screw heads.
rocker arm holder and alarm-- not included-
available as an extra


AC859834 Rod pod,
a rocking rod rest, to ensure that the rod sits
squarely  even when the front and rear stands is
not of the same level.
Or when the stand is not  vertical.
Stand fully extended: 1.1mtr/42in x 2 section.
griper allows stand to be positively set at
any position.

:rod pod for bite alarm.
FRONT has a screw stud to accommodate standard
 bite indicator's male screw.
1050mm x 2 section closed length: 680mm.
Female adapter 8mm metric thread,
will accept any stand alone bite indicator.
( options can be suited with adapter as
buyer's specification.
Special features: rear stand has a rocking rod rest,
to ensure that the rod sits
squarely  even the front and rear stand is not of he same level. Or when the stand is not  vertical.
rod pod /stand -tripod ac53118rod pod /stand -tripod ac73119



Tripod rod rest. Aluminium frame .
2 /3 sections telescopic.

AC73119 :2 sect, tripod stand: Ext height:1.19m/4ft,
close:73cm/29in, arm:70cm

AC53118   3 sect, tripod stand: Ext height:1.18m/3.9ft,
close:53cm/21in, arm:70cm

Osprey adjustable rod pod. Rod pod fitted with a quick  postive lever lock to  to adjust extended length 

AC12018LV-12  1.2m ext lenght, lever grip 
AC12018LV-15   1.5m ext lenght, lever grip  
AC12018LV-18   1.8m ext lenght, lever grip  
AC12020SV-12   1.2m ext lenght, Screw grip  
AC12020SV-15 1.5m ext lenght, Screw grip
AC12020SV-18 1.8m ext lenght, Screw grip
when ordering specify your preference
Y support or U support

 soft fluro rod rest/podrod pod with glow in the dark rod support




Fluro glow rod support/pod

poke in ground rod rest/podPlastic poke into ground rod holder AC6535
overall length:32cm/12.6in
Holder diameter:45mm/1.8in ( can accommodates rods with a handle not exceeding this diameter)

Model: AC6535: wide spade: for muddy grounds
AC6525: wedge poker for hard sandy ground


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