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Aluminium frame rod rack easy to dismantle into compact section for transportation. Ideal for road shows and exhibition.

  • Racks designed as a pair  and sold as a pair. Each compact box contains 2 racks
  • Osprey Racks designed with hinge for hanging on to wall or partitions.
  • Osprey Racks has a header board for advertisement
  • Aluminium rod with adjustment for big and small rod.
Plastic rod rack 

Pair of plastic racks for rods
 8 rods per rack. 
Rack Height:60cm  Width:44cm
Alu. rod rack. AC052
Designed for use on road shows and Exhibitions.
 Easy to dismantle Highly portable.
Box only 4in high.   

fish shape rod rack
Plastic rod rack
Able to accommodate 16 rods.

Can be jointed in series to form a row.
Slot large enough to accept game rod handle.

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