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Osprey Fishing tackle :Lead sinkers and PVC coated sinkers.

Buck short sinkers and Tungsten putty sinker .

PVC coated Bell sinker TVK44

50g/5oz, 100g/3.6oz,  50g/1.8oz, 30g/1.0oz  20g/0.7oz,  10g/0.4oz

PVC coated Bean sinker TVK46


ball sinker pvc coated
PVC coated Ball sinker TVK47 


PVC coated Bean sinker TVK45





Tungsten sinkers putty 
Soft Putty  version.non lead Tungsten putty sinker Code: TAS1545





Moly-peel" can be use again and again. it does not deteriorate.
Stick like hell!! on the line.  BUT not on your finger.
Sinks like a dead  weight
Plasticizes texture, roll to any shape with your finger.
BeTTer than buck shots.
No pliers and clipper required
Packing in 15g, 25gm and 50gm pack- enclosed in 
 plastic box.

  fishing lead sinker TA010 pyramidTAH01
 Fast falling
  fishing lead sinker TAH 02-bag sinker TAH02
 Tuber sinker
  fishing lead sinker TAH03-reed sinkerBarrel sinkers TAH03
  fishing lead sinker TAH04- SURF sinkerTAH04
 Surf sinker
 fishing lead sinker TAH05 eye slinder sinkerTAH05
 Eye slider
 fishing lead sinker TAH06, BANK lead sinkersBank sinker

 fishing lead sinker TAH40,sand sinker28g/1ozTAH40
 140g/5.0oz     Sand Sinker
 fishing lead sinker TAH10,penny sinkerTAH10-penny sinker
 Position lead sinkerPosition Sinker TAH07
 Fishing lead sinker -spider sinker TAH37TAH37- spider sinker
 Fishing lead sinker : Bank sinker TAH34TAH34
 Bank sinker
Fishing sinker : Ball sliding sinker TAH32

TAH32 -- 2g to 40g

Wt Dia Wt Dia
2g 1.8mm 14g 2.0mm
3g 1.8mm 21g 2.0mm
7g 2.0mm 28g 2.0mm
10g 2.0mm 40g 2.0mm
 Fishing sinkers : Rolling sinkers TAH15
 8.0oz, 9.0oz, 10.0oz,, 11.0oz  :
Rolling bottom sinker-
Fishing Sinker - tah24 bank sinker-TAH024

 Fishing sinker : Bank sinker TAH14Bank sinker

 140g/5.0oz,   200g/7.2oz

Fishing sinker : buckshot sinkers in a sinker box
Buck shot, soft type
 available in customed
 qty and wt per box
 0.1g    0.2g    0.4g    0.6g  0.8g    1.2g     3g     4g  5g


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