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Laser plated Squid skirt for trolling lure.
UV pigmented Squid skirt heat plated with laser film.

  • Osprey Squid skirt using TSR resin +UV.and plated withNew Scarlet laser plating
  • Osprey Squid skirt with UV pigment with laser plating has a very bright scarlet  look when in water. .
  • Osprey squid skirt using TSR mix, improved  the durability ( will not becomes brittle) when exposed to sun light over  a period of time
  • Osprey squid skirt is available in 700 color patterns..
  • Squid skirts range from 2.5in to 16in.

osprey UV  Laser Plated squid skirt. Squid skirt with Heat sealed laser pattern over the standard pattern.
Premium UV pigmented Squid skirt with laser plating

Code No-length LOA20016XC-4.5in LOA20022XC-7.5in LOA20109XC-12in
LOA20012XC-2.5in LOA20018XC-5.5in LOA20024XC-8.5in LOA20110XC-14in
LOA20014XC-3.5in LOA20020XC-6.5in LOA20027XC-10in LOA20116XC-16in
Laser film for squid skirt. Laser Pattern 1-5
laser pattern 18-28  for squid skirt.


Laser plated squid skirt pattern range
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